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NEA Releases Latest PV Operation Data & More From Trina

China PV News Snippets

The newly released data by the National Energy Administration shows that the newly installed photovoltaic capacity from January to August 2022 was 44.47 GW. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Wang An Qi/

The National Energy Administration announces latest PV system operation data; EIA for Trina Solar’s 300,000-ton-per-year silicon manufacturing project released.

NEA releases latest PV installation data: In a release, the Chinese National Energy Administration announced the latest photovoltaic operation data. As per the data, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity was 44.47 GW from January to August 2022, a rise of 106% year on year. About 86 photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of 20.8 GW has begun construction in the fourth quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, the start-up scale of centralized photovoltaic power plants touched 19.9 GW, while distributed photovoltaics touched 921.8 MW.

EIA released for Trina’s 300,000-ton-per-year silicon fab: The national construction environmental information platform has announced its very first environmental impact assessment (EIA) details for Trina Solar (Qinghai) New Materials Co. Ltd., the Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer’s new energy industry chain production project with a planned annual output of 300,000 tons of silicon. Located at Ganhe Industrial Park, Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone, the facility has an investment of about RMB 23.1 billion ($3.25 billion). In June, Trina Solar announced plans to get very deep into the silicon value chain to establish 10 GW of annual wafering capacity, 300,000 ton industrial silicon and 15 GW of balance of materials (BOM), which means a strong vertical integration from its current presence in the solar PV production space with a focus on cells and modules as well as trackers and battery storage on BOS side (see Trina Announces Massive Solar PV Production Plans).


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