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Chongqing Fengdu Signs PV Deals & More From Shuangliang, Suzhou Maxwell, DAS Solar, Akcome, Jinjing

China PV News Snippets

Chongqing Fengdu county government announced that it has got into a partnership with Beijing Daorong Emerging Energy and will be soon constructing a photovoltaic power generation plant and a photovoltaic module production facility. (Photo Credit: Chongqing Fengdu county official website)

Beijing Daron to invest in PV module facility; Shuangliang subsidiary to buy over 216,000 tons polysilicon materials; Suzhou Maxwell to supply cell equipment to Golden Glass; DAS Solar releases n-type cell and module prices; Work on Akcome HJT Huzhou facility progresses; Jinjing and Microquanta join hands on perovskite.

Chongqing Fengdu signs PV deals with Beijing Daorong Emerging Energy: Chongqing Fengdu County announced on its website that it has signed photovoltaic module production and photovoltaic power generation deals with Beijing Daorong Emerging Energy Co Ltd., a heat utilization equipment seller. As per the deal, a 500 MW photovoltaic power generation plant and a 5 GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module production facility will be built. The total investment is estimated to be about RMB 4 billion ($0.56 billion). On completion, the average sales revenue annually is expected to exceed RMB 10 billion ($1.4 billion).

Shuangliang announces 2 major silicon procurement deals: China headquartered solar PV production equipment maker Shuangliang Eco-Energy announced that it has sealed two major procurement deals. One is where its wholly-owned subsidiary, wafer maker Shuangliang Silicon Materials (Baotou) will purchase 150,000 tons of polysilicon materials from Xinte Energy for a period of 7 years from 2023 to 2030. The purchase amount will be about RMB 45.4 billion ($6.3 billion) (tax included). And the second is about Shuangliang Silicon Materials to purchase 66,800 tons of polysilicon materials from East Hope for a period of 4 years from 2022 to 2026. The purchase amount is pegged at about RMB 20.2 billion ($2.83 billion) (tax included). Earlier this year, Xinte Energy had secured a polysilicon supply order from Shuangliang Silicon Materials for 201,900 tons (see China PV News Snippets).

HJT GW-level equipment sales deal between Suzhou Maxwell & Golden Glass: Solar cell production equipment maker Suzhou Maxwell Technologies said in an announcement that it has inked two sales deals with Gansu King Kong Yide New Energy Development Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of double-glazed BIPV module company Golden Glass. The deal states that Gansu King Kong plans to purchase 8 bifacial microcrystalline high-efficiency heterojunction cell production lines from Suzhou Maxwell. The production capacity is about 600MW/line, totalling to 4.8 GW.  The contract amount is yet to be disclosed.

DAS Solar updates n-type cell and module prices: Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar released the latest prices for its n-type cell and modules. Here are the details:

  • Mono crystalline n-type 182 bifacial cells (efficiency ≥ 24.6%) have been priced at RMB 1.4/W ($0.2/W), a month-on-month increase of 1.4% compared to the price released in August 2022
  • Single crystal n-type 182 bifacial double-glass modules (maximum power ≥ 560W) is priced at RMB 2.16/W ($0.3/W), which is the same as  released in August 2022

Akcome Technology Huzhou HJT facility makes progress: Chinese solar cell and module producer Akcome Technology said that its Huzhou facility has made progress. The first equipment it had purchased from solar cell production equipment maker, Suzhou Maxwell Technologies, has been installed, commissioned, and will soon enter the production stage. This move will increase the production capacity of the Huzhou base by 600 MW. Once the facility reaches completion, the mass production efficiency of cells may not be less than 24.5%. The company expects that mass production will start by November this year.

Jinjing and Microquanta partner for perovskite glass: Glass production company Jinjing Group said that it has signed an agreement with perovskite new material photovoltaic technology company Microquanta. Aligning with the future perovskite production expansion plans of Microquanta, Jinjing will be investing in the construction of a TCO glass production line to meet Microquanta production needs. If Jinjing will be able to produce TCO glass that meets the requirements of Microquanta, then it will be chosen as the company’s main supplier.


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