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Jolywood TOPCon Cell Achieves New High Efficiency & More From Changyi Fuxiang, Beijing Tianyi, SPICYN

Jolywood’s 182 n-type single crystal TOPCon cell achieves new efficiency record; Changyi 100 MW PV plant starts construction; Beijing Tianyi to acquire 90% stake in Jiangsu Jingyiyang New Materials;  SPICYN signs 2.15 GW wind-photovoltaic-storage project.

Jolywood TOPCon cell achieves new high efficiency: Via a WeChat communication, n-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood said that the efficiency of its 182 n-type single crystal passivated contact TOPCon cell has touched 26.1%. This has been certified by the China Institute of Metrology. The cell is based on its J-TOPCon3.0 technology, the cell electrode has been designed innovatively, and the non-silicon cost has also been reduced, the company added. Meanwhile, here are some of Jolywood’s important projects and their progress:

  • A part of Jolywood’s 4 GW high-efficiency cell production line has achieved mass production
  • Annual output of 250 million square meters of general-purpose (transparent, white, black, etc.) photovoltaic backsheet projects have been completed

On another note, Jolywood will be taking part in the 3-day TaiyangNews High Efficiency Solar Technologies—TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow.  For free registration, please click here.

Construction begins for Changyi 100 MW PV project: Photovoltaic power generation company Changyi Fuxiang Clean Energy’s Longchi 100 MW photovoltaic project has begun construction, local media reports said. The project will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, 50 MW will be connected to the grid by March 2023; while in the second phase, another 50 MW is scheduled to be connected to the grid at full capacity by June 2023. Once the project is completed, the annual power generation capacity will be 140 million kWh, and the profit is expected to be over RMB 8 million ($1.1 million).

Beijing Tianyi to acquire Jiangsu Jingyiyang New Material: Transportation and new energy company Beijing Tianyi Shangjia High-tech Materials announced that it plans to acquire a 90% stake in quartz crucible manufacturer Jiangsu Jingyiyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. For this, the company will spend RMB 270 million ($37.19 million), which will either be its own or self-raised funds.

SPICYN signs 2.15 GW wind-photovoltaic-storage project: SPIC Yunnan International Power Investment and the government of Renhua County, Guangdong Province have signed up for green energy investment cooperation. This signing means that Yunnan International has now obtained development rights in Renhua County for:

  • 300,000 kW centralized photovoltaic project,
  • 350,000 kW centralized wind power project,
  • 300,000 kW/600,000 kWh energy storage project, and
  • 2 million kW Lingxi pumped storage project.


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