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SFPV Inks 10 GW N-Type Topcon Cell Facility Deal & More From Haiyuan, JinkoSolar, Zheneng Electric, Cybrid, Huasun

China PV News Snippets

SFPV signs a RMB 3 billion 10 GW n-type TOPCon high-efficiency solar cell facility at the 2022 World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo held in Changzhou. With this facility the high-efficiency solar cell production capacity of the company will touch 15 GW. (Photo Credit: SFPV)

SFPV to construct 10 GW n-type TOPCon cell facility; Haiyuan 2.7 GW now has an investment of RMB 976 million; 51.3% JinkoSolar facilities run on renewable energy; Zheneng Electric Power acquires 9.7% stake in Jolywood; Huasun 10 GW HJT modules to use Cybrid UV light transfer film.

SFPV inks 10 GW n-type TOPCon cell facility deal: At the 2022 World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo held in Changzhou, about 21 deals were signed amounting to an investment of RMB 47 billion ($6.6 billion). Among this, solar PV power generation product manufacturer and seller SFPV also signed up for a 10 GW n-type TOPCon high-efficiency solar cell facility with an investment of RMB 3 billion ($0.42 billion). Spread across 310 mu in Wujin High-tech Zone, the facility is scheduled to begin construction in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will be completed and put into production by the third quarter of 2023. With this facility, SFPV’s high-efficiency solar cell production capacity will be about 15 GW. To learn the latest on TOPCon solar technology, join our High Efficiency Solar Technologies—TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow, to be held Nov, 23-25, 2022, where the first day will be dedicated entirely on TOPCon. Registrations for the event are free, and open here.

Changes to Haiyuan 2.7 GW n-type cell facility: In an announcement, new energy technology based supplier Haiyuan said there has been some changes in its 2.7 GW n-type high-efficiency photovoltaic cell facility project. In August, the company had announced that the investment of this facility will be RMB 700 million ($99 million) and will become fully operational by December 2024. But now, the facility will have a higher investment of RMB 976 million ($138.1 million) and should be already operational by December 2023. Towards this, the company plans to raise RMB 958 million ($135.6 million), out of which RMB 858 million ($121.4 million) will be directed to the facility. The company also revised the profit forecast of the facility from RMB 102 million ($14.4 million) to RMB 139 million ($19.6 million).

Over half of JinkoSolar facilities based on renewable energy: Module manufacturer JinkoSolar announced that 51.3% of its global facilities are powered with clean energy. And now the company is focusing on taking this level up to 60% by the end of 2023. JinkoSolar was one of the first solar companies to take up green initiatives, being a member of RE100, for example. Today it has 12 manufacturing factories in four countries — including China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the United States, which run on a mix of hydro, solar, and wind energy that has either been developed by the company or bought. On another note, Oscar Zhang, General Manager of R&D JinkoSolar will be speaking at the 3-Day TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow on Nov. 23-25. Click here for free registration.

Zheneng Electric Power acquires 9.7% stake in Jolywood: Thermal power generation company Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power has acquired 9.7% of n-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood, local media reports said. Subsidiary of Zhejiang Energy Group, Zheneng Electric Power has also been entrusted 10% of the voting rights to become the controller of Jolywood. With this acquisition, Zheneng Group will open doors to a complete industrial chain – right from upstream new energy raw materials, midstream high-end equipment manufacturing to downstream new energy applications. Meanwhile, listen to Jolywood speak on the topic, The POPAID Route of Producing TOPCon for Utility Application at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies held Nov. 23-25. To attend this Conference, register for free by clicking here.

Cybrid Technologies & Huasun Energy join hands: At the Heterojunction Innovation Technology Achievement Sharing Conference in Shanghai, globally leading developer, producer and seller of functional polymer materials Cybrid Technologies and Chinese HJT solar panel manufacturing pioneer Huasun Energy signed a supply agreement. With this, Huasun will have 10 GW of heterojunction modules that will use Cybrid Technologies’ UV light transfer film. Cybrid has developed the UV light conversion film solution, which is said to help the HJT modules increase power generation by 1.5%. The UV film also comes with high reliability of about 30 years. At the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow that will take place from 23-25 November 2022, Huasun will be speaking on the topic: Mass production status and future trend of HJT solar cells. To attend the Conference, please click here for free registration.

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