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DR Laser Wins 20 GW Topcon Cell Equipment Bid & More From Chint, Tongwei, Guohua Jintai, Qingdao Gaoce, Risen

China PV News Snippets

With DR Laser winning 20 GW TOPCon photovoltaic cell SE primary laser doping equipment bid, the company has so far accumulated over 50 GW of orders and winning bids. (Photo Credit: DR Laser)

DR Laser wins multiple GW TOPCon PV cell laser doping equipment bid; 200 MW Gaoyazi PV project of Chint grid-connected; Construction begins for Tongwei’s 25 GW PV facility; Qingdao Gaoce Technology & Risen Energy partner; Construction starts for Guohua Jintai’s PV material project.

DR Laser wins 20 GW TOPCon cell equipment bid: Chinese laser integrator DR Laser said over a WeChat communication that it has received a winning bid notice for 20 GW TOPCon photovoltaic cell SE primary laser doping equipment. The name of the company who has awarded the bid has not been disclosed yet. Till now, over 50 GW of orders and winning bids have been accumulated for its TOPCon SE primary laser doping equipment, the company added. In September 2022, DR Laser had shipped its first laser transfer equipment (see China PV News Snippets).

Chint’s 200 MW Gaoyazi PV Project now grid-connected: Specialized subsidiary of the CHINT group and engaged in PV power station development and PV module production, Chint Solar announced that the Gaoyazi 200 MW PV Project, which the company is constructing, has been connected to the grid. With an investment of RMB 814 million ($118.4 million) and spread across 350 hectares of land, this project includes 40 MW/80 MWh BESS (energy storage system) and its affiliated equipment. The energy generation from this plant is expected to be 400 million kWh per annum. Also the carbon dioxide reduction will be about 258,000 tons.

Tongwei 25 GW PV facility in Yancheng begins construction: Primarily a silicon and cell producer, Tongwei, the world leader in these segments, said over WeChat that construction has begun for its 25 GW photovoltaic module facility at Yancheng base. Adopting Tongwei TNC/TPC and other technical routes to maximize power generation efficiency and reduce LCOE, this facility will be producing 182, 210mm cell based large-size version, high-efficiency module products. In November 2022, Tongwei had announced its plans to build a ‘green’ silicon substrate project (see China PV News Snippets). Tongwei will participate for the first time at a TaiyangNews event, speaking at the Solar Module Innovations Virtual Conference on Jan. 31. For agenda and free registration, click here.

Qingdao Gaoce Technology & Risen Energy partner for ultra-thin HJT silicon wafers: Wire cutting machine producer Qingdao Gaoce Technology announced that it has got into a 5-year cooperation agreement with Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy. With this, both the companies will jointly work in the field of n-type ultra-thin HJT half-cut slicing, cutting, grinding, cutting equipment, and diamond wire, among others. For the n-type ultra-thin HJT half-cut wafers, the agreement between both companies is for direct sales (purchase) or commissioned processing. And in principle, the number of single crystal square rods sold (purchased) each year will not be less than 210 half rods with a volume of 10 GW. Also, as per the agreement, the thickness of the n-type HJT half-cut ultra-thin silicon wafer should be no less than 100 μm, the company added.

Construction starts for Guohua Jintai’s PV material project: Over a WeChat communication, new material technology company Guohua Jintai said that the construction has begun for its photovoltaic material project in Lanling Photovoltaic Technology Industrial Park. Spread across 3,700 mu, the investment in this project is about RMB 7.8 billion ($1.1 billion). Here are the details for the planned investment:

  • RMB 5.5 billion ($0.8 billion) to be used for building 4 large-scale photovoltaic glass furnaces with a daily melting capacity of 1,200 tons and 20 deep-processing glass production lines.
  • RMB 2 billion ($0.29 billion) to support the construction of a production line for photovoltaic high-purity silicon-based new materials with an annual output of 5 million tons.
  • RMB 300 million ($43.6 million) to be used to establish a natural gas operation company to build a natural gas pipeline network and supply gate with an annual transmission of 300 million cubic meters.
  • A large-scale LNG storage station with a storage capacity of 2 million cubic meters will also be built in 18 months, and will be put into operation by June 2024.

Once this whole project is completed, it will be able to annually produce 288 million m2 of light-weight coated toughened photovoltaic glass. The annual output value from this project is expected to be RMB 12.9 billion ($1.8 billion).


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