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DAS Solar’s Guizhou PV Module Facility Under Trial Production & More From Astronergy, Hongrun Construction, National Statistics Bureau

China PV News Snippets

DAS Solar PV module facility in Guizhou has reached trail production. With an investment of RMB 310 billion, the facility is expected to produce 1 GW of n-type modules in the first phase. (Photo Credit: DAS Solar)

DAS Solar module facility reaches trial production; Astronergy receives carbon label certification; Hongrun to raise 1.5 bn for 5 GW n-type solar cells; Solar power generation rose by 3.2% in December.

DAS Solar’s Guizhou PV module facility under trial production: Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar Co., Ltd’s module facility has reached trial production, the company said via WeChat. Apart from being the first automated photovoltaic production line, it is also considered to be the company’s largest and most advanced production line. The facility has a capacity to produce 1 GW of n-type modules in the first phase, while the total production capacity is about 1.8 GW. With an investment of RMB 310 million ($45.9 million), the facility has the potential to realize an output value of RMB 3 billion ($0.44 billion) on completion. DAS Solar will be part of TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations on Jan 31, 2023. To hear them speak on the development of n-type TOPCon multi-GW level module production with high power and low degradation in DAS Solar, please register for free by clicking here.

Astronergy awarded carbon label evaluation certificate: Chinese crystalline solar module manufacturer Astronergy said via WeChat that China Building Material Test & Certification Group (CTC) has issued the company a first product carbon label evaluation certificate for photovoltaic modules. There are 6 types of carbon labels defined by CTC which are: carbon disclosure label, carbon reduction label, carbon leading label, near-zero carbon label, carbon neutral label and negative carbon label. Astronergy has received the carbon disclosure label, wherein the company declares greenhouse gas emissions of products. When the specific carbon emission value of the product appears on the label, it becomes easier for the consumers to choose lower carbon products, Astronergy explained.

Hongrun to raise funds for 5 GW n-type solar cell fab: National high-tech enterprise Hongrun Construction Group Co., plans to raise about RMB 1.5 billion ($0.22 billion) by issues 330 million shares to about 35 specific investors. Among others, the raised funds will be used to build a 5 GW high-efficiency photovoltaic cell module facility that can carry out large-scale production and sales of n-type PV modules, including HJT and TOPCon. The construction period is expected not to exceed two years.

Solar power generation rose by 3.2% in Dec. 2022 in China. Releasing the electricity production data for December 2022, the National Bureau of Statistics of China said that solar power output has increased by 3.2% in that month, that’s 3.2 percentage points faster than a month earlier, in November 2022. In comparison, wind power generation increased by 15.4% in Dec. 2022, 9.7 percentage points faster than in November 2022.


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