China PV News Snippets – All About HJT

SPIC’s 5 GW HJT Cell And Module Facility Begins Construction & More From RoboTechnik, Allwin

China PV News Snippets – All About HJT

Longgang City holds a commencement ceremony marking the production start of SPIC's 5 GW high-efficiency heterojunction cell and module facility. (Photo Credit: SPIC)

SPIC begins construction of its 5 GW HJT cell and module facility; RoboTechnik delivers new HJT cell copper electroplating equipment; Allwin to establish subsidiary for HJT PV facility.

SPIC’s 5 GW HJT cell and module facility begins construction: A WeChat communication said that SPIC held the commencement ceremony of its 5 GW high-efficiency heterojunction cell and module production facility in Longgang City. With an investment of over RMB 5 billion ($0.73 billion) and spread across 440 mu, the first phase of the facility will be completed by September 2023. In December 2022, SPIC Inner Mongolia Energy Group and Urad Middle Banner in Inner Mongolia had signed agreements on large-scale silicon production (see China PV News Snippets)

RoboTechnik delivers innovative copper electroplating equipment: High-end automation equipment company, RoboTechnik, said that its new heterojunction cell copper electroplating equipment has been successfully delivered to an unnamed customer. While the equipment is based on the company’s original mass production solution, the technical solution is different from the current three existing ones of vertical lifting electroplating, vertical continuous electroplating, and horizontal electroplating. This solution focuses rather on solving the core problems of low production capacity and high operating costs. With this unique solution, large-scale production of heterojunction copper electroplating technology can be realized, it claims.

Allwin to construct 5 GW heterojunction photovoltaic facility: Military electronic information, audio and video command systems company, Allwin Telecommunication, announced of its plans to establish a joint venture company with Entropy (Shanghai) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Tianjiaan District. The new company whose tentative name is Zhongyi (Anhui) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will construct a 5 GW high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell and module facility. Spread across 400 mu, the construction of the facility will take about 3 years and will take place in phases: 1 GW in the first year, 2 GW in the second year, and 2 GW in the third year. Once the facility begins production, the annual sales income is expected to be over RMB 8 billion ($1.16 billion).

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