China PV News Snippets: Ancai, Sineng, Talesun, JYT, CZ

Ancai Hi-Tech To Raise Funds For 48 Million Sq. Mtr. PV Glass Production; China Gezhouba To Build 360 MW Nigerian Project; CGC Certification For Sineng Electric; Talesun & Canlon Enter Strategic Agreement; JYT’s New Energy Business Division’s Installed PV Capacity Exceeds 1.2 GW

China PV News Snippets: Ancai, Sineng, Talesun, JYT, CZ

The 360 MW solar power project in Nigeria for which Energy China’s subsidiary China Gezhouba is the EPC contractor, will help Lagos province of the country to bring down current power shortage. (Photo Credit: Energy China)

  • Through A share offering, Ancai Hi-Tech plans to raise RMB 1.2 billion to build 48 million sq. mtr. PV glass capacity
  • Energy China subsidiary China Gezhouba Group has signed an EPC contract for a 360 MW solar power project in Nigeria
  • Sineng Electric’s string IV scanning and intelligent diagnosis system has secured CGC certification
  • Talesun & Canlon To Collaborate For Distributed Rooftop PV Waterproofing Projects
  • Total installed solar PV and wind energy generation capacity for JYT’s New Energy Business Division reached 1.4 GW as on June 30, 2021

Ancai Hi-Tech to expand solar glass capacity: Solar glass producer Henan Ancai Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. plans to raise up to RMB 1.2 billion ($185 million) in the form of non-public offering of its A shares for manufacturing capacity expansion. It plans to use the proceeds to build 48 million sq. mtr. of lightweight PV glass fab for which construction began in February 2021 (see 48 Million Sq. Mtr. Solar Glass Project Announced In China). Ancai said its current installed PV glass production line has a capacity of 900 tons a day. Since utilization rate has its saturation, it plans to expand the capacity with the 48 million sq. mtr. project (900 tons per day) that will ensure competitiveness of its products.

360 MW Nigerian solar project for China Gezhouba: A subsdiary of Energy China Group, China Gezhouba Group has secured an EPC contract for a 360 MW PV project coming up in Nigeria’s Lagos region. It entered the EPC contract agreement with Nigeria’s FalCore Power & Energy to complete the construction of the project and ancillary facilities within 24 months. Total cost of the project is estimated to be around RMB 1.756 billion ($271 million). China Gezhouba said this project is expected to contribute to curbing power shortage in Lagos and promote the region’s socio-economic development.

CGS certification for Sineng Electric: Solar inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric has secured the highest level of CGC certification for its string IV scanning and intelligent diagnostic system, it said. Testing showed the system exhibiting level 4 as the highest level of certification in the industry, according to the company. It explained that this certification signifies highest standards of the company’s full range of string inverters and distributed inverters. Sineng added that its string IV scan and intelligent diagnosis system can remotely complete the component health check with one key without physical checking by a human personnel since the system takes 15 minutes to complete all string detection and generate fault diagnosis report automatically, for a 100 MW PV power plant. It claims high troubleshooting accuracy for the product and that it can identify more than 15 kinds of component failures.

Talesun’s agreement for distributed generation: Solar module manufacturer Talesun Solar has joined hands with Chinese waterproofing company Canlon to jointly develop distributed solar PV projects under a strategic cooperation agreement reached. Together they will also promote photovoltaic rooftop products with waterproof performance. Canlon has built PV rooftop products with a life span of 25 years, tailored towards building applied PV (BAPV) technology.

Installed capacity of JYT’s new energy division: JYT Corporation counts its total installed solar PV and wind power capacity as on June 30, 2021 to have reached 1.4 GW (1,396.59 MW to be precise), out of which the PV technology’s share was 1.24 GW (1,248.09 MW). The Chinese solar crystallization equipment maker has reported this capacity for its New Energy Power Generation Division.

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