China PV News Snippets: GCL-SI, Zhonghuan, JA Solar, GCL

GCL-SI Hefei Factory To Start Production In September; Zhonghuan Semiconductor Announces Latest Silicon Wafer Prices; JA Solar And GCL-Poly Sign Purchase Order For Granular Silicon

China PV News Snippets: GCL-SI, Zhonghuan, JA Solar, GCL

GCL System Integration's Hefei module fab is set to start commercial operations by September 2021. Here the manufacturer plans to focus on producing high power solar modules with 210mm configuration and with 182mm wafer sizes. (Image Credit:

  • GCL  plans to start operation of its module factory in Hefei in September later this year
  • Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor raises prices of its silicon wafers again
  • JA Solar signs 5-year supply contract with GCL subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongneng for granular silicon

GCL-SI Hefei module factory to start production in September: Chinese solar PV cell and module manufacturer GCL System Integration is expected to start operation of its factory in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui Province in September this year, a news report said. This was announced by the company in a recent online conference highlighting its performance in 2020. The factory, whose construction started in December 2020, is designed with 60 GW production capacity annually (see GCL System Announces 60 GW Solar Panel Factory In China). It focuses on producing 210mm high efficiency modules and is also capable of manufacturing 182mm to meet the market demand. Meanwhile, another project of the company, also based in Hefei, is making steady progress simultaneously with an annual 2.5 GW production of shingled modules.

Zhonghuan Semiconductor announces latest silicon wafer prices: Chinese solar wafer manufacturer, Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd, (TZS) has raised its wafer prices again. Here is the increase:

  • G12 wafers have been increased by RMB 0.45/pc ($0.070/pc)
  • M6 wafers have been increased by RMB 0.28/pc ($0.044/pc) and
  • G1 wafers have been increased by RMB 0.33/pc ($0.052/pc)

In May this year, Zhonghuan silicon wafer prices had risen by RMB 0.4/piece (see China PV News Snippets: Chint, Sinopec, Zhonghuan)

JA Solar and GCL-Poly sign purchase order for granular silicon: In an announcement, Solar PV panel Manufacturer JA Solar said that Donghai JA Solar (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company) and Jiangsu Zhongneng ( a subsidiary of GCL-Poly,) have signed a Polysilicon Purchase and Sales Agreement. As per the agreement, JA Solar will purchase granular silicon from Jiangsu Zhongneng from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2026, with an estimated total purchase volume of 145,800 tons.



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