China PV Snippets: JA, Trina, Risen, Jiayin Tech, Haitai

JA Solar Supplies Modules For 88 MW Guam Project; TrinaTracker White Paper Released; Risen & Trina Partner With Jiangxi Power; Jiayin’s Silver Paste Line Begins Operation; Haitai’s Module Line Begins Production

China PV Snippets: JA, Trina, Risen, Jiayin Tech, Haitai

Trina Solar has published a white paper on its 'TrinaTracker Intelligent Tracking Technology', which studies the development of solar trackers, current challenges of tracking technology, technical features of SuperTrack and future prospects to explore new standards for the industry. Seen is a picture of the recently launched TrinaTracker Vanguard 600+ series. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

  • JA Solar confirmed that it has supplied all the PV modules required to complete the 88 MW project in Guam
  • Trina Solar has published its TrinaTracker Intelligent Tracking Technology White Paper on SuperTrack
  • In separate signing ceremonies, both Trina Solar and Risen Energy have signed comprehensive long-term strategic cooperation agreements with PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction
  • The solar silver paste production line of Jiangxi Jiayin Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially put into operation
  • Haitai New Energy Technology’s high-efficiency 182/210 module at the Tangshan production base has been officially put into production

JA Solar supplies modules for 88 MW project in Guam: Chinese vertically integrated solar module manufacturer JA Solar announced that it has supplied the solar modules for a 88 MW project in Guam. Constructed by Korea Electric Power, the project is located in an area with strong winds. Owing to this, the demands of the project have been stricter than usual, especially in backside mechanical load and degradation rate of the module. Once the project is connected to the grid, it will become one of the largest single photovoltaic power station in Guam.

TrinaTracker intelligent algorithm white paper released: Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar has released its TrinaTracker Intelligent Tracking Technology White Paper. As per the white paper, Trina’s SuperTrack algorithm has three distinctive technical features, including both smart tracking and backtracking technologies, and broadcast and polling communication strategies. In addition, it also offers extreme weather protection techniques. Certified by authoritative third-party organization CGC (China General Certification) in November 2020, SuperTrack is said to improve energy gain by 3.08% over the traditional astronomical algorithm.

Risen and Trina both partner with Jiangxi Power Construction: Signing an agreement, Trina Solar and PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction have joined hands to launch a comprehensive long-term strategic cooperation in the field of clean energy, especially in photovoltaics. Meanwhile, in another development, Chinese solar PV module producer Risen Energy signed a cooperation agreement with PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction in Nanchang. The partners intend to focus on energy system solutions and intelligent operation and maintenance and will strive to jointly develop and promote China’s photovoltaic industry technology. Both, Trina and Risen will speak at the upcoming TaiyangNews Advanced Modules Conference on Jan. 27 about high performance 210mm cell based solar modules. Register for free here

 Jiangxi Jiayin Technology’s 50-ton solar silver paste line begins operation: As per a report by Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network News, the solar silver paste production line of Jiangxi Jiayin Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially put into operation. The annual production capacity of solar cell front silver paste this year is expected to be about 50 tons, while the main business income is expected to run into RMB 200 million ($31 million).

Production launched for Haitai’s 182mm modules: Haitai New Energy Technology has started production of its high-efficiency 182/210 module at its Tangshan base , the company stated. The 182/210 series of half-cell modules are highly reliable and have high power and high conversion rate and the technology of non-destructive cutting of half-cell multi-busbar will improve product quality and enhance the company’s supply capacity for market-end efficient products.

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