China PV News Snippets: JinkoPower, Akcome, TBEA, JYT, JA

JinkoPower To Build 1 GW Agrivoltaic Demonstration Project; Akcome Expects Net Loss For Shareholders In H1/2021; TBEA Subsidiary To Build 280 MW Solar Capacity; JYT Successfully Rolled Out 1st Monocrystalline Silicon Ingot From 12 GW Project; JA Solar To Cooperate With CITIC

China PV News Snippets: JinkoPower, Akcome, TBEA, JYT, JA

Akcome Technology expects to report a net loss for shareholders in H1/2021 under preliminary financial results it has shared. (Photo Credit: Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd.)

  • JinkoPower has entered a partnership with Fujin city to develop a demonstration project of 1 GW capacity bringing together agriculture and PV
  • Akcome Technology expects to report net loss for shareholders in H1/2021, between RMB 60 million to RMB 80 million
  • TBEA Xinjiang New Energy will invest in the construction of 2 solar power projects with 180 MW and 100 MW capacities
  • JYT Corporation’s 12 GW ingot production facility has successfully rolled out its 1st monocrystalline silicon ingot
  • JA Solar has entered strategic cooperation agreements with CITIC Securities, CITIC Bank and CITIC Leasing

1 GW agrivoltaic project for JinkoPower: JinkoPower has entered a partnership with Fujin city in Heilongjiang province to set up a 1 GW agrivoltaic demonstration project. Cooperation will also extend to a distributed rooftop solar PV development pilot program, including 10 towns and 7 villages in Fujin city identified as Erlongshan, Xiangyangchuan, Jinshan, Toulin, Xinglonggang, Hongsheng, Shangjieji, Yanshan, Chang’an and Dayushu.

H1/2021 preliminary results of Akcome: Solar module manufacturer Akcome Technology has released its H1/2021 preliminary financial results saying it expects net loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies to range between RMB 60 million and RMB 80 million. It attributes this expected loss to high prices of critical raw materials as copper, aluminium, steel, silicon wafers, and solar cells during the period, bringing down its manufacturing product gross profit. COVID-19 related protocols in places in several nations in H1/2021 impacted its exports, pulling down the company’s operating income and operating performance on annual basis. A part of its resources are also invested in its upcoming high efficiency cell project which it currently being ramped up.

TBEA building 280 MW PV: Solar inverter producer TBEA is investing in the construction of 280 MW solar PV capacity in China through its holding company TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. It will build a 180 MW PV demonstration project in Guyuan County of Hebei province for RMB 996 million, and a 100 MW fishing and PV project in Zaozhuang province for RMB 445 million. TBEA said these investments are being made with the purpose of seizing market opportunities and acelerating the development of PV resources.

Leshan JYT silicon ingot project: Leshan JYT New Material Technology has successfully rolled out the 1st monocrystalline silicon ingot from a 12 GW production plant of JYT Corporation under trial production. Management said it will work as a starting point for the company to gradually increase the production capacity of monocrystalline silicon ingots in accordance with its strategic plans. All equipment was installed and put into operation on site in June 2020 for phase I of the 12 GW project (see China PV News Snippets: Trina, Grace Solar, Sungrow, JYT).

Strategic agreements for JA Solar: JA Solar has signed strategic cooperation agreements with CITIC Securities, CITIC Bank and CITIC Leasing to deepen its collaboration with the trio on capital markets, strategic investment, loan credit, equipment and power station financial leasing.

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