• PV InfoLink says in the first 5 months of 2020, G1 silicon wafer size accounted for 60% total Chinese wafer export volume
  • Risen Energy has launched its 600W+ Titan series PV modules with 6x10 half-cut design patterns
  • Hengdian Group DMEGC Co., Ltd. commissioned 1.6 GW high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell capacity comprising 7 production lines

Demand for G1 wafers on the rise: PV InfoLink says between January 2020 and May 2020, solar modules with G1 silicon wafer side length (158.75 mm) accounted for 60% of total Chinese wafer export volume. Its demand is increasing steadily quarter over quarter, while the export volume of M6 (166 mm) based modules has gradually increased since this year. Analysts expect M6 based modules to account for 2 GW of total export volume in Q2/2020. Export of M2 (156.75 mm) based modules with wafer side length of 156.75 mm is on the decline due to high wattage demand overseas. “All signs indicate that G1 and M6 may share the market equally at the end of the year,” said PV Infolink.

Top 3 suppliers of G1 based modules during the reporting period were JinkoSolar, JA Solar and Trina Solar having exported 3.3 GW, 2.3 GW and 1.5 GW, respectively, and together the 3 accounted for a combined 60.7% of the total. LONGi was the largest supplier of 166 mm modules exported 1.5 GW of such modules. “It is expected that export volume of modules based on M6 wafers will increase steadily in the second half of the year,” it added.

600W modules launched by Risen Energy: Risen Energy has officially introduced its 600W+ PV modules at an event in China on July 29, 2020.  It calls this module series as Titan Series G6. The company explained that this series continues to use non-destructive cutting, high-density packaging, and MBB technology from the G5 series that Risen introduced in December 2019. It adopts the 6×10 half-cut design patterns that, the company claims, increases module power and reduce the risk of hot spots.

“Bigger than bigger! High to low!” said company’s Vice President Dr. Qiang Huang at the event. “Reducing the LCOE is the core goal rather than high power, although it will encounter some difficulties before becoming the mainstream in the market.” Risen also presented on July 29/

Risen Energy was also part of the first Virtual Conference of TaiyangNews on July 29 & 30, 2020 to discuss 500W+ modules and the way forward (see TaiyangNews Virtual Conference On 500W+ Solar Modules).  

1.6 GW crystalline silicon cell capacity online: Hengdian Group DMEGC Co., Ltd. has commissioned its 1.6 GW high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell capacity comprising 7 production lines. The automated and intelligent production processes deployed here are expected by the management to increase its product conversion efficiency while lowering manufacturing costs. The facility was brought online in the Hengdian Photovoltaic Park in Dongyang City of Zhejiang province for an investment of around RMB 720 million ($103 million). From this project, when it is fully ramped up, the company expects annual sales revenues of RMB 140 million ($20 million) and profit of RMB 139 million ($20 million).