• Pandemic related disruption impacted Risen Energy’s business operations in H1/2020
  • China Huadin Group seeks bids for 2.04 GW solar modules and PV inverters
  • State Grid gets 15% more power generation from solar and wind power projects in the first half of 2020
  • 5 module suppliers have made the cut in a 140 MW solar tender of Zhejiang Trading

Risen Energy H1/2020 performance impacted by pandemic: During the first 6 months of 2020, Risen Energy’s business was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as supply chain and logistical issues hampered its business operations. According to PV Men news portal, the impact of non-recurring gains and losses on the company’s net profit in the reporting period was approximately RMB 50 million, that came mainly from government grants. Its net profit was estimated to be between RMB 222.2 million to RMB 358 million, compared to RMB 285.034 million during H1/2019.

China Huadian Group seeking 2.04 GW modules and inverters: A state owned power generation company, China Huadin Group Co. Ltd. has solicited bids for both solar PV modules and inverters with a combined capacity of 2.04 GW. As per the tender announcement dated July 8, 2020 it requires monocrystalline silicon PV modules and string inverters. The tender was launched on Huadin Group’s e-commerce platform. Last date to submit bids online is July 28, 2020.

15% increase in solar and wind power generation in State Grid: According to China’s grid operator State Grid, there was an annual increase of 15% in wind and solar power generation in its operational area during H1/2020. During this period, these 2 technologies generated 294.7 billion kWh, accounting for 11.4% of the total power generation. Solar power generation increased 19.2% YoY. Utilization rate of wind and solar power was 96.9%.

Zhejiang Trading shortlists module suppliers in tender: Zhejiang Trading has shared the list of shortlisted module suppliers for its 140 MW distributed solar PV capacity tender to supply their modules from 2020 to 2021, according to Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network. LONGi Solar, JinkoSolar, Suntech, Risen Energy and Zheshang Zhongtuo have made the cut and the final winner will be announced after evaluation of bids. Minimum bid unit price was RMB 1.34 per W. High efficiency solar PV modules with 335 W capacity are required to be procured by the bidder.