• Sungrow’s floating solar PV system supply globally has crossed 1 GW capacity, the company announced at SNEC 2020
  • It also launched its 1500V full-scenario energy storage system solution promising it can lower initial investment cost by over 10%
  • Arctech Solar has come out with a new BIPV product line calling it Smart Rooftop II BIPV Solution
  • Zhengxin Optoelectronics will be expanding its annual production capacity with 10 GW

Sungrow exceeds 1 GW floating system supply: At the recently concluded SNEC 2020 in Shanghai, Sungrow announced having crossed the 1 GW milestone for the supply of its floating solar PV systems globally. It has so far supplied the systems to more than 70 floating PV plants. Sungrow says its systems are best suited for the installation of mainstream high power components as these provide good security, stability, and higher power generation efficiency. At the end of June 2020, the company said it had crossed 900 MW of installed floating solar equipment capacity (see China PV News Snippets: JA Solar, Sungrow).

Sungrow also launched its 1500V full-scenario energy storage system solution at SNEC 2020. It integrates core equipment including a 1500V PCS, DC/DC and battery system, the company said, while supporting AC-side  and DC-side coupling schemes. The new energy storage system has 35% more energy and power density for the battery system compared to the 1000V system. It can lower the initial investment cost by over 10%.

Smart Rooftop II BIPV Solution by Arctech Solar launched: In more news from SNEC 2020, Chinese tracker and mounting systems company Arctech Solar launched its Smart Rooftop II BIPV solution, targeting commercial and industrial rooftop systems. Adding to its current BIPV product portfolio, Arctech Solar says the Smart Rooftop II BIPV system systematically improves waterproofing and overall product performance. “The whole industry is embracing a booming market of BIPV systems now, especially for large-scale industrial plants constructed 10 years ago, which are now entering the phase of replacement. With BIPV’s multiple benefits, we believe it will be the ideal choice for industrial and commercial roof replacement. Compared with BAPV, the Arctech Solar Smart Rooftop II BIPV system has a higher power generation capacity, longer lifetime, and most importantly, the lower overall cost for investors,” said Arctech Solar’s Head of BIPV Business, Shijun Zhou.

Zhengxin Optoelectronics expanding capacity: Solar PV module manufacturer Zhengxin Optoelectronics will be expanding its current annual production capacity by 10 GW. It plans to add this capacity at its Suqian location in Jiangsu province for a total investment of RMB 5.5 billion ($791 million) in 2 phases. Phase I will see 4 GW coming online by November 2020 on 124,000 m2 space, reported PV Men. The other 6 GW will be commissioned in 2021 under phase II. All its modules will be compatible with 18X and 210 mm solar cells and the maximum compatible module size it promises here is 2650 mm x 1450 mm. These high efficiency modules are said to have conversion efficiencies of over 21% and all modules will have power exceeding 600 W that can go up to 720  W for single, double and double glass modules. It plans to use its own patented graphene coating technology to enhance the self-cleaning ability of the module.

This planned capacity expansion is ‘based on market demand and customer orders’, the company said. By the end of 2020, it will have a module production capacity of 10 GW.

TaiyangNews has recently released its 500W+ Solar Modules Report. It can be downloaded for free here.