• A new JV has been formed in China which will provide renewable energy solutions to B2B segment in China to help clients lower their energy bills and improve carbon footprint
  • By the end of 2021, online retailer JD.com wants to have installed 200 MW of rooftop solar capacity for its logistics and industrial rooftops
  • Xiamen Shenke Solar will build a 2 GW HJT solar cell production line in Quaro Development Zone for RMB 1.8 billion
  • China Datang Corporation will develop 110 MW agrivoltaic capacity in Guangdong

Foreign JV for clean energy generation in China: Vietnam’s facility management company Aden Group along with Luxembourg based Eren Groupe have floated a joint venture called Tera Energies to develop energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for the commercial, industrial and governmental sectors in China. Eren Groupe is part of the venture through 2 of its subsidiaries Total Eren and Eren Industries. The Shanghai based JV will capitalize on the strengths of its owners to provide renewable energy solutions, innovative energy optimization services and mature sustainability technologies to help clients lower their energy bills while also improving their carbon footprint. China’s clean energy and smart city sectors in the B2B domain will be its focus areas.

“The world has arrived at a true crossroads moment. The environmental outcomes that result will be profoundly shaped by Asia, and by the way energy is managed in its cities and buildings,” said Aden Group’s Co-Founder and President, Joachim Poylo. “The energy transition market in China alone is a trillion-dollar opportunity requiring the highest level of technical and operational expertise with deep local knowledge. Tera offers precisely this, and we could not be more excited to help drive clean energy transitions in Asia.”

JD.com plans for 200 MW rooftop solar capacity : Online retailing company JD.com will get 200 MW of rooftop solar power capacity installed for its logistics and industrial buildings in China. The entire capacity is set to come online by the end of 2021 that’s when it is likely to generate a total of over 160 million kWh of clean energy. Yinhua Technology, Goldwind Technology and LONGi will support the company in setting up this capacity. The company says it will be the world’s ‘largest’ rooftop PV generation project on completion.

2 GW HJT solar cell production project: Xiamen Shenke Solar will invest RMB 1.8 billion ($265 million) to build a 2 GW heterojunction (HJT) solar cell production line in Quaro Demonstration Zone of Zhejiang province. Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network said the company made this announcement during the Qurao Demonstration Zone (Hangzhou) Investment Promotion Conference in Hangzhou.

Datang to develop 110 MW agri-PV capacity in Guangdong: China Datang Corporation will be developing 110 MW solar PV capacity in Yunfu in Guangdong region. It will divided into 2 projects of 70 MW and 40 MW capacity. According to Solarbe, the 70 MW capacity will be set up in agrivoltaic mode in Chuanbu Town in Luoding for a total investment of RMB 250 million ($37 million). The remaining 40 MW will also be in agrivoltaic mode to be developed and constructed in Silun Town for RMB 144 million ($21 million).