China PV News Snippets: Zhonghuan, Trina, Shangji CNC

Top 8 Tracker Companies Issue 210 Modules Compatibility Approvals; Zhonghuan 50 GW Factory To Be Put Into Production; Trina To Participate In 120 MW Solar Park Construction; Shangji To Invest In Hongyuan New Materials; TaiyangNews To Host Bifacial Solar Conference

China PV News Snippets: Zhonghuan, Trina, Shangji CNC

Eight world’s leading photovoltaic tracker makers issuing compatibility approvals for 210mm wafer based solar modules is a mark of their recognition for the high value of such modules. The picture above shows Trina Solar panels on the rooftop of Sitagu Buddhist Academy. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

Top 8 tracker companies issue 210 modules compatibility approvals: A report by TrinaSolar said that 8 world’s leading photovoltaic tracker makers have successively issued compatibility approvals for 210 Ultra-High Power solar modules. The companies are: Array Technologies, Nextracker, GameChange Solar, Arctech Solar, IDEEMATEC, PV Hardware Solutions, Soltec, TrinaTracker. The compatibility approvals from the global tracking companies show their recognition of the high value and strong support of 210 modules in terms of comprehensive collaboration to facilitate the grid parity globally. Last month, Trina Solar participated in TaiyangNews’ Conference on Advanced Solar Module Technologies speaking in detail how Trina’s 210mm/G12 High Power Output Module Technology returns customer value (see How Trina’s 210mm/G12 High Power Output Module Technology returns customer value). TaiyangNews is currently working on its first Tracker Report; if you have any news in this field to share, please get in touch with: [email protected].

Zhonghuan 50 GW G12 factory to be put into production: The construction of the production line of Zhonghuan’s 50 GW (G12/210 mm) solar-grade monocrystalline silicon material smart factory will officially start in March and will begin production before the end of the year, a Photovoltaic Network News report said. The total investment in the factory and related supporting industries in Ningxia Zhonghuan Semiconductor is about RMB 12 billion ($1.86 billion). Once the project is completed, the company’s total monocrystalline production capacity will cross 135 GW.

Trina Solar to participate in 120 MW solar park construction: Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar announced that it will participate in the construction of the Girasol Solar Park in the Dominican Republic, which is one of the largest solar power parks in the Caribbean. The company will install in the power plant 268,200 double-sided glass TSM-DEG17M modules with a power of 430/450 watts. The total capacity of the power plant is expected to touch 120 MW once the installation is completed and put into operation, which is likely to be in March 2021.

Shangji CNC to invest in Hongyuan New Materials: Shanghai Machine CNC announced its plans of investing in Hongyuan New Materials in Baotou to construct a 10 GW monocrystalline silicon pulling and supporting production project. In line with the company’s strategic development, the total planned investment is expected to be approximately RMB 3.5 billion ($0.54 billion).

TaiyangNews to host Virtual Conference on Bifacial Solar Modules: TaiyangNews will hold its next virtual conference on Bifacial Solar on March 4 from 13.00-17.00 CET. With bifacial solar having reached a 2-digit market share in solar installations – and all leading manufacturers of process materials, cells, modules and system components offering now products for this technology, TaiyangNews felt it is a good time to look at the achievements and challenges of bifacial solar.

We have invited experts from research, testing, and manufacturing along the value chain to discuss status and outlook for bifacial solar. This event will see speakers from LONGi, Ginlong Solis, ISC Konstanz, TÜV Rheinland Group, Hangzhou First, Aikosolar, RES Group. This conference will be also the launch event for TaiyangNews Bifacial Solar 2021 Report. Please check agenda and register for free for the event here.

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