China PV Snippets: Geri,Jolywood,Sofar,Sineng,SPIC,Beijing

Geri Solar Reported RMB 1.027 Billion Operating Revenue In 2020; Jolywood Subsidiary’s 200 MW Distributed PV Project; Sofar Solar Inverter Gets Australian Certification; Sineng Electric Starts MES Project; SPIC To Develop Distributed PV+Solar Thermal Projects; New Acquisitions For Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy

China PV Snippets: Geri,Jolywood,Sofar,Sineng,SPIC,Beijing

Jolywood and SPIC subsidiaries have started construction on a 200 MW distributed PV project in Jiangtun town which they plan to complete in 2 years under 4 phases. Pictured is the groundbreaking ceremony of the project. (Photo Credit: Jolywood)

  • Geri Solar’s audited financial report for 2020 shows its operating revenues added up to RMB 1.027 billion
  • A 200 MW distributed solar PV project has started construction in Tengzhou city by Jolywood and SPIC subsidiary
  • Sofar Solar has secured Australian certification for its SOFAR 3-6KTLM-G2 grid-tied inverter
  • Sineng Electric has started MES project of its smart factory to help it realize intelligent production and build a smart fab
  • SPIC Inner Mongolia to develop distributed PV and solar thermal projects across Dengkou county
  • Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy to acquire new energy power stations and smart microgrid companies

Geri Solar’s audited financial report: Lingda Group acquired solar cell maker Geri Solar reported operating revenues of RMB 1.027 billion in 2020 with a net profit of RMB 43.68 million. During Q1/2021, it achieved operating revenues of RMB 250 million and net profit of RMB 6.62 million. It is currently constructing phase I of its 3 GW PERC solar cell production facility, and phase II of its 5 GW high efficiency TOPCon solar production project.

200 MW distributed PV project by Jolywood: A Jolywood subsidiary Suzhou Zoomlight along with a State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) subsidiary Shanghai Yuanye New Energy Co., Ltd. started construction on a 200 MW distributed solar PV project in Jiangtun town of Tengzhou city. It will be implemented in 4 phases within next 2 years.

Sofar Solar gets Australian certification: Solar PV inverter maker Sofar Solar has received AS/NZS4777.2 certification for its SOFAR 3-6KTLM-G2 grid-tied inverter with a power range of 3 kW to 6 kW. This certification now ensures its products conform to the new Australian standard and is ready to be introduced to this market. Sofar Solar said this product is targeted for the residential segment with an efficiency of up to 98.2%. Sofar Solar called Australia an important market for the Chinese company. The company currently has storage centers in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Victoria state, and in Australian Marketing Science Center in Sydney.

MES project for Sineng Electric: Inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric has started the MES project of its smart factory to help it realize intelligent production and build a smart fab by building automated production lines and integrating information systems. It said the MES system will be one of the core systems for the construction of its smart factory. “Through the construction and integration of process equipment automation and informatization, the production process can be accurately monitored in real time to coordinate all production activities of the enterprise and establish visualization, agile and digital management mode, so as to achieve the ultimate product quality, production efficiency, and operating costs,” stated Sineng Electric. Recently, the company officially opened its 10 GW manufacturing capacity fab in China (see Sineng Electric’s 10 GW PV Inverter Fab Online In China).

Distributed PV and solar thermal projects: SPIC Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. has signed a project cooperation development agreement with Dengkou county government to develop distributed PV and solar thermal projects across the county, focusing on grid parity access. Energy storage is also part of the plan, according to local media reports.

Beijing Jingneng to acquire 2 companies: Gas and renewable energy power producer Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co., Limited is to acquire 100% equity interest in new energy companies Ningxia Kaiyang and Ningxia Boyang. Part of Ningxia Jiaze group, both Ningxia Kaiyang and Ningxia Boyang are engaged in the development and construction of new energy power stations and smart microgrids.

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