China PV Snippets:Talesun, YourBest, Taixing, NEA,Antaisolar

Talesun & SPIC Hubei Partner For New Energy; Suzhou Yubang To Raise RMB 280 Mn For PV Ribbons; Many HJT Projects Take Off In Taixing; NEA Responds To PV Price Increase Issue; Antaisolar Strikes Partnerships In Australia & Bangladesh

China PV Snippets:Talesun, YourBest, Taixing, NEA,Antaisolar

Chinese mounting systems manufacturer Antaisolar has signed 2 separate cooperation agreements with Australian distributor One Stop Warehouse and Bangladeshi energy group Paramount Group. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Abriendomundo)

  • Talesun Solar and State Power Investment Corporation Hubei Green Power New Energy Co., Ltd. signs strategic cooperation agreement
  • Ribbon maker Suzhou Yubang New Materials announces plans of issuing no less than 26 million shares and no more than 33.43 million shares
  • Taixing in Jiangsu witnesses take-off and completion of several HJT technology related  projects as it strives to become HJT hotspot in China
  • NEA responds to photovoltaic price increase issue
  • Mounting systems maker Antaisolar strikes partnerships in Australia & Bangladesh PV market

Talesun & SPIC Hubei partner for new energy: Zhongli Group issued an announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary cell. & module maker Talesun Solar and State Power Investment Corporation Hubei Green Power New Energy Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both the parties will carry out all-round cooperation to further strengthen and consolidate their market competitiveness in the new energy industry. Last year, Talesun Solar had claimed to have increased its PERC solar cell power conversion efficiency to 23.56%, exceeding the 23.50% mark (see Talesun Solar Claims 23.56% PERC Cell Efficiency)

Suzhou Yubang (YourBest) to raise RMB 280 mn for PV ribbons: Conductive tape producer Suzhou Yubang New Materials (YourBest) in an announcement, disclosed its plans of issuing no less than 26 million shares and no more than 33.43 million shares. After the stock issuance, the company plans to get listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the funds raised will be used for:

  • Annual production of 13,500 tons of photovoltaic ribbons with a construction cost of about RMB 280 million ($43.97 million)
  • Construction of R&D center for RMB 56.748 million ($8.91 million)
  • Production base automation transformation project for RMB 29.295 million ($4.60 million)
  • Supplementary working capital project for RMB 100 million ($15.70 million)

In May 2020, China’s Yubang New Materials singed an agreement with Heraeus from Germany about production and sales of Heraeus’ Selectively Coated Ribbons (SCRibbon) in the Asia-Pacific region, including Greater China, South Korea and other markets, with the German company to manage intellectual property rights of SCRibbon products, and provide R&D and technical support.

Many HJT projects take off in Taixing: Taixing in Jiangsu witnessed the take-off and completion of several of industrial solar projects, according to local media:

  • Ribbon cutting for construction start of 6 GW high-efficiency heterojunction module production project of Akcome Technology. The first phase of 2 GW, with an investment of about RMB 5 billion ($0.79 billion) is scheduled for completion by June next year
  • Jiangyin Daxiang started manufacturing of silver paste for HJT cells and module frames
  • Production equipment maker Shanghai Ideal Energy is about complete a RMB 500 million ($78.51 million) facility in Taixing
  • Production equipment maker S.C New Energy to invest RMB 500 million ($78.51 million) for an annual supply of 2 GW of production lines

Reportedly, Taixing High-tech Zone targets by end of 14th 5-Year Plan, to host 15 enterprises in HJT solar field with 5,000 to 7,000 industrial workers and a total output value of 30 billion RMB. For this purpose, they are offering serval financial and non-financial incentives.

NEA responds to PV price increase issue: In response to a user’s query regarding increasing price of solar modules and how China can assist small and medium installers to jointly promote photovoltaic energy, the Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) stated that it attaches great importance to the impact of the increase in prices in the photovoltaic industry. NEA emphasized that it is working with relevant parties to study the management and pricing of the PV power generation industry in 2021, and the next step will be to promote introduction of policies to create a relatively clear view for industry development. It wants to promotes stable and orderly development of the industry, it added. Recently, NEA had confirmed that China would target to grid connect a minimum of 90 GW of solar and wind power capacity in 2021, the 1st year of its 14th-Five-Year Plan (see 90 GW Solar & Wind Capacity For Chinese Grid In 2021)

Antaisolar strikes partnerships in Australia & Bangladesh PV market: Photovoltaic mounting systems provider Antaisolar has signed separate strategic cooperation agreements with Australian distributor One Stop Warehouse and Bangladeshi energy group Paramount Group, a news report said. The agreement with One Stop Warehouse is to provide 2 GW of PV mounting systems in Australia from 2021-2024. As far as Paramount is concerned, Antaisolar is already in partnership with the company for 40 MW large-scale ground projects. Now with the signing of this agreement, Antaisolar wants to give full play to its technological innovation advantages and leverage Paramount’s local market influence and competitiveness to help transform and upgrade the energy structure of Bangladesh.


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