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Trina Solar’s Thoughts On Sustainable Technology At EU PVSEC & More From DMEGC Solar, JinkoSolar

China Solar PV News Snippets

“Module has to take the whole responsibility of stability and reliability, and existing technologies are the most sustainable and practical technologies to fight climate change.” - Dr. Pierre Verlinden, Chief Scientist of Trina Solar. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

Trina Solar talks about sustainable technology at EU PVSEC; DMEGC Solar powers module production with 100% green energy; JinkoSolar delivers SunGiga liquid cooling ESS to C&I project in Zhejiang.

Sustainable technology on top of Trina Solar’s agenda: Dr. Pierre Verlinden, Chief Scientist of Trina Solar, made a case for sustainable technology as a key driver of environmental change at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) held in Lisbon from September 18 to 22. During a round-table discussion, Dr. Verlinden emphasized that Trina Solar is fully committed to the vital role of stability and reliability in its technology. He stressed that existing technologies represent the most practical and sustainable means to combat climate change.

The company says that it has been investing heavily in technological innovation, notably introducing TOPCon technology in 2015 and subsequently leading the industrialization of n-type products. In August, the company achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first manufacturer to mass-produce TOPCon modules with power outputs exceeding 700 W with its Vertex N 700W+ series modules.

Also presenting during the event, Head of Product Solutions and Marketing in EMEA for Trina Solar Adele Zhao addressed the path to sustainable technology. She introduced the company’s latest technological advancements, sustainable products, and smart energy solutions. Zhao stressed the importance of global collaboration on sustainability during her speech, highlighting Trina Solar’s contribution to green development with high-quality, low-carbon products, encapsulated in their motto, “Solar Energy for All.”

As of June, Trina Solar had generated a total of 202.5 billion kWh of green power, reducing CO2 emissions by 201.89 million tons. The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China recognized Trina Solar’s efforts on September 6 by awarding the company the title of “Decarbonization Leader” for its accomplishments in low-carbon transition and climate change mitigation. Earlier this month, Trina Solar announced its plans to build a 5 GW solar factory in Texas, US (see Another Chinese Solar Producer Heads To The US).

DMEGC Solar powers module production with 100% green energy: DMEGC Solar has announced that it has received TÜV SÜD certification confirming that its module production facilities in Hengdian and Sihong are powered entirely by 100% renewable energy sources. Terming it a significant milestone, the company says it has effectively eliminated greenhouse gas emissions. To reach this green energy milestone, DMEGC Solar has deployed photovoltaic arrays within its facilities and has also sourced renewable electricity from regional providers. The company says that it has also implemented energy-efficient measures, such as advanced telemetry and green management protocols, to optimize its energy footprint. DMEGC currently has 51.46 MW of grid-tied PV capacity, resulting in 22.28 GWh of self-consumed electricity. It also plans to add 44 MW of rooftop PV installations in strategic locations. Earlier this month, the company rolled out the 1st module from its Lianyungang 5 GW high-efficiency module fab (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

JinkoSolar delivers SunGiga liquid cooling ESS to C&I project in Zhejiang: Solar PV manufacturer JinkoSolar has announced that it has signed a contract to deliver its liquid cooling ESS named SunGiga to Jincheng New Energy Tech Co., Ltd. for its C&I project in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. The SunGiga liquid-cooling C&I ESS(JKS-215KLAA-100PLAA) is designed for the domestic C&I market with battery capacity ranging from 500 kWh to 2 MWh and is available in 2- and 4-hour applications. The solution combines the LFP battery, power conversion system (PCS), BMS, liquid cooling system, and fire suppression system (FSS). The combination of these features streamlines transportation, installation, operations, and maintenance duration and costs. Earlier this week, JinkoSolar announced that it had delivered a set of SunGiga liquid-cooling C&I ESS (JKS-215KLAA-100PLAA) to Zhaoguang New Energy (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

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