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Dramatic Price Cut for Wafers From LONGi & More From TCL Zhonghuan, Guangdong, Henan, DMEGC, Trina, Hunan Red Sun, Suntech, Sany Silicon

China Solar PV News Snippets

LONGi latest silicon wafer prices comes with big surprise - it cuts the price of p-type M10 150μm Mono Wafer (182/247mm) by a whopping 30%. (Photo Credit: LONGi)

LONGi cuts silicon wafer price by over 30%; TCL Zhonghuan to form new company in Saudi Arabia; Guangdong province announces plans for multiple GW of solar plants; Henan renewable power capacity to touch 55 GW; DMEGC to raise funds; Trina unveils new products; Hunan Red Sun wins APVIA awards; Suntech wins GW Gold Award; Sany Silicon seals 11.7 GW orders.

LONGi drops silicon wafer prices by 30%: Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi has announced a severe cut for its silicon wafer prices. Here are the details:

  • p-type M10 150μm Mono Wafer(182/247mm)is now priced at RMB 4.36 ($0.62), a 32% drop of RMB 1.94 ($0.25) from the last announced price RMB 6.3 ($0.89)
  • p-type M6 150μm Mono Wafer(166/223mm)is now priced at RMB 3.81 ($0.54), a 30% drop of RMB 1.63 ($0.23) from the last announced price of RMB 5.44 ($0.77)

Here are the details of LONGi’s last announcement on silicon wafer prices (see China Solar PV News Snippets)

Zhonghuan to launch joint venture in Saudi Arabia: Leading solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan announced that, in association with Vision Industries Company, it will be launching a solar wafer plant in Saudi Arabia. The new company will be responsible for the production, manufacture and sales of solar wafers. The sales area will be mainly in and around Middle East and Africa.

Guangdong province announces plans for multiple GW of solar plants : With a view to promote high energy development in the province, Guangdong has announced its plans to put about 12 GW solar power plants into operation, local media reports said. The province also said that it will continue to grow the solar sector, and among other initiatives will lend support to photovoltaic equipment, inverters; and focus on production of high-efficiency and low-cost crystalline silicon solar cells.

Henan expects renewable power capacity to touch 55 GW: Local media reported that Henan province has released its 14th five-year development plan for new energy and renewable energy. As per the report, by 2025, the province targets to achieve 55 GW renewable power capacity, or 40% of total power capacity in the province, and 100 billion kWh/year renewable power generation. The volume of increase in renewable power generation will lead to about 50% increment in the of total power generation volume.

DMEGC to raise RMB 3.2 billion: Vertically integrated solar module manufacturer from China DMEGC announced that it will be raising about RMB 3.2 billion ($0.45 billion) through the issue of convertible corporate bonds. The raised funds will then be used to build a 12 GW high-efficiency cell facility, and also towards a 5 GW production line for a module facility with an annual output of 10 GW, and towards working capital. The total investment for the 12 GW cell facility is supposed to be about RMB 3.5 billion ($0.49 billion), out of which RMB 2 billion ($0.28 billion) will be availed through the raised funds.


Trina unveils multiple products and smart energy solutions: At SNEC exhibition held in Shanghai last week, Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar showcased its technical prowess by unveiling multiple products including its new-generation 210mm Vertex n-type products of 695W, 605W and 450W, p-type Vertex 670W, TrinaTracker Vanguard 2P solution energy storage systems and other all-in-one smart energy solutions.   The company also launched its advanced n-type i-TOPCon technology globally at the show. Also on display were new products featuring state-of-the-art HJT and iBC technologies.

Hunan Red Sun wins APVIA Asian PV Awards: New energy product research and development company Hunan Red Sun has won two APVIA Asia Photovoltaic Awards Ceremony at SNEC – one is the 2023 APVIA Asia Photovoltaic-Technology Achievement Award (Enterprise Award) for its outstanding contributions in the field of high-end photovoltaic equipment; and second, the chairman of Hunan Red Sun won an individual award – the 2023 APVIA Asia Photovoltaic-Industry Contribution Award. The APVIA Asia Photovoltaic Award recognizes individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the capacity and innovation of the photovoltaic industry.

Suntech’s TOPCon module wins GW Gold Award: Solar cell and module manufacturer Suntech has won the GW Gold Award for its new high-efficiency and light-weight TOPCon double-glass modules. Based on n-type TOPCon technology, the new product is a high-efficiency double-glass module made of 54 pieces of 182mm monocrystalline silicon wafer cells. This module is about 20% lighter than other glass photovoltaic modules of the same size on the market, and has an of 22.5%, and its power can reach 440 W. Reducing the load-bearing requirements on the roof, these modules can meet a wider range of roof application environments.

Sany Silicon Energy seals 11.7 GW orders: At the SNEC exhibition, electronic equipment manufacturing company, Sany Silicon Energy, sealed a series of cooperation agreements and international deals. Among them, the company signed about 9.1 GW orders with domestic customers, and about 2.6 GW with international companies from Uzbekistan, Malaysia, and Myanmar, bringing the total orders signed to 11.7 GW. Besides this, the company also signed a strategic agreement with Soochow University.


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