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1 Day To Go – TaiyangNews Special Webinar & More From JinkoSolar, Sungrow, Photon Crystal Energy, Dashengda

China Solar PV News Snippets

Next2Sun’s Peter Bendix will be speaking at the TaiyangNews Special Webinar on HJT Technology Updates and Market Opportunities in Europe on January 30, 2024. Scan the QR code to register for free. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

Next2Sun’s Peter Bendix to speak at TaiyangNews Special Webinar; JinkoSolar’s upbeat FY 2023 forecast, IBM agreement; Sungrow forecasts 89% rise in 2023 revenues; Photon Crystal Energy claims 20.13% perovskite module efficiency; Dashengda to enter PV coating equipment business.

TaiyangNews Special Webinar on January 30, 2024: TaiyangNews will be hosting a special webinar on HJT Technology Updates and Market Opportunities in Europe, scheduled to take place tomorrow, January 30, 2024, from 10:00 to 11:00 CET.

At the event, Peter Bendix, Technical Project Manager at Next2Sun, will be speaking on the topic: Marketing Opportunities for High Efficiency HJT Solar Applications in Europe.

The focus of this webinar will be exclusively on heterojunction, a solar technology that not only offers very high efficiencies for the rooftop segment but also leading bifaciality, enabling promising applications in the area of ground-mount PV power plants.

For agenda and free registration, please click here:

JinkoSolar forecasts 2023 net profit to rise 171% YoY: Solar module manufacturer JinkoSolar released its annual performance forecast for the year 2023 last Friday. It forecasts that its net profit attributable for FY 2023 will range from RMB 7.25 billion ($1.01 billion) to RMB 7.95 billion ($1.11 billion). This represents a Year-on-Year (YoY) increase of 146.92% to 170.76%.

Separately, JinkoSolar has also announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IBM at the Shanghai JinkoSolar Center. The company says this agreement will help it implement its digital transformation. According to the agreement, the 2 parties will carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future.

Recently, JinkoSolar announced that 11 of its SunGiga liquid cooling C&I energy storage systems have been installed in Zhejiang (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Sungrow expects up to 89% rise in revenue for FY 2023: Solar PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow expects RMB 71 billion to RMB 76 billion in revenues for FY 2023, an increase of 76% to 89% YoY. Further, it expects its net profit to range between RMB 9.3 billion and RMB 10.3 billion, an increase of 159% to 187% YoY. The company cites rapid growth in its core businesses such as PV inverters and energy storage systems for its upbeat forecast.

Separately, Sungrow’s subsidiary SUNPURE TECHNOLOGY has announced the completion of Series A financing of over RMB 100 million ($13.9 million). The proceeds from the financing, which was led by Hengxu Capital, will be mainly used for the research and development of intelligent robot products for photovoltaic power stations and the optimization and upgrading of full-scenario cleaning solutions.

In December, Sungrow announced its plans to spin off its subsidiary, Sungrow Plant, through an initial public offering on domestic stock exchanges (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Photon Crystal Energy’s perovskite module achieves 20.13% steady-state efficiency: In a news release, Photon Crystal Energy has claimed a steady-state efficiency of its 815.9 cm2 large-sized perovskite module has reached 20.13%. The company states that this achievement has been certified by the China National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement and Testing Center. The company says that this number is the highest steady-state efficiency for a 30 cm × 30 cm size module.

The company says that it employs a unique ink modulation technology for applying the perovskites that is based on a full printing process featuring improved stability. The company verified the feasibility of the technology and scaled it up to be applied on a 30 x 30 cm module in March 2023.

Dashengda to enter PV coating equipment business: Paper packaging company Dashengda has announced that it is entering the PV coating equipment business. The company joined hands with Microquanta to acquire the Netherlands-based Fornax B.V., a thin film vacuum equipment manufacturing and supply company. The main products of Fornax include cadmium telluride thin films, copper indium gallium selenide thin films, and perovskites, among other things.

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