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TCL Zhonghuan Slashes Silicon Wafers Prices & More From Cloud Live, Autowell, Seraphim

China Solar PV News Snippets

TCL Zhonghuan brings down the silicon wafer prices and its P-type 150μm silicon wafers 182 is now priced at RMB 3.8/piece, a drop of about 24% from the previous price of RMB 6.4/piece. (Photo Credit: TCL Zhonghuan)

TCL Zhonghuan brings down silicon wafers prices; Cloud Live subsidiary signs RMB 440 million purchase deal; Autowell to sell welding equipment to JinkoSolar; Seraphim PV module facility begins construction.

TCL Zhonghuan slashes silicon wafers prices: Solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan is next in line to cut down silicon wafer prices. Here are the details:

  • P-type 150μm silicon wafers 182, 210, and 218.2 are now priced at RMB 3.80 ($0.477) /pc, RMB 5.35 ($0.672) /pc, and RMB 5.78 ($0.725) /pc, respectively. Compared with the last announcement, there is a drop of 24%, 16.41% and 16.35%, respectively.
  • N-type 130μm silicon wafers 182 and 210 are now priced at RMB 3.87 ($0.486) /pc and RMB 5.45 ($0.686) /pc, respectively. Compared with the previous announcement, there is a drop of 23.97% and 16.41%, respectively.
  • N-type 110μm silicon wafers 182 and 210 are now priced at RMB 3.72 ($0.466) /pc and RMB 5.23 ($0.657) /pc, respectively. Compared with the previous quotation, there is a drop of 23.93% and 16.45%, respectively.

Last week, LONGi had also announced drastic cuts in silicon wafer prices (see China Solar PV News Snippets). Longi’s price cut was a reaction to an earlier price decrease of Zhonghuan (see Also Wafer Prices Going Downhill). Now Zhonghuan has brought down prices for 182 mm wafer below the 4 RMB mark. Meanwhile, here is TCL Zhonghuan’s last announcement of prices.

Cloud Live Technology to buy RMB 440 million worth PV equipment: Photovoltaic cells and modules seller Cloud Live Technology Group announced that its holding subsidiary Zhongke Gaoyou signed purchase deals with couple of manufacturers. As per the deal, Zhongke Gaoyou plans to buy high-efficiency photovoltaic cell production equipment from about six companies – S.C New Energy Technology; Dongguan Kelongwei Automation Equipment; Kzone; Pudat Semiconductor Equipment (Xuzhou); Songyu Technology; and Hymson. The transaction value will be about RMB 444 million ($62.7 million). All the equipment purchased will be used in the first-phase of Zhongke Gaoyou’s high-efficiency photovoltaic cell facility.

Autowell Technology wins JinkoSolar welding equipment bid: Automation equipment manufacturer Autowell Technology announced it has signed an equipment deal with module supplier JinkoSolar. With this, Autowell will be selling all-in-one marking and welding machines to JinkoSolar worth RMB 260 million ($36.77 million) (tax included). The machines for cell connection in module assembly will be delivered in batches as per the contract requirements. Whether this transaction will affect Autowell’s 2023 performance is yet to be seen as the revenue will be recognized only after the acceptance of the equipment.

Seraphim PV module facility begins construction: Solar cell and module maker Seraphim said via WeChat that construction has begun for its photovoltaic module facility in Susong County. The total investment is about RMB 6.3 billion ($0.89 billion) and will be constructed in three phases. The facility will have a 10 GW photovoltaic module production line and a 20 GW carbon steel frame production line. Once the facility is put into operation, the sales revenue will be over RMB 2 billion ($0.28 billion) in the first year, over RMB 4 billion ($0.57 billion) in the second year, and RMB 8 billion ($1.13 billion) in the third year and thereafter.

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