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TCL Zhonghuan slashes silicon wafer prices & More From Honsun, S.C. New Energy, AILU

China Solar PV News Snippets

TCL Zhonghuan further brings down silicon wafer prices this week. The fall ranges between 25% to 29.5% (Photo Credit: TCL Zhonghuan)

Dramatic wafer prices cuts from  TCL Zhonghuan; Honsun to supply silicon wafers to BAJ Solar; S.C New Energy expects rise in profit in H1/2023; AILU to deliver PV modules to Suntech

Updated solar wafer prices from TCL Zhonghuan: Releasing its latest silicon wafer prices, leading solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan said that:

  • P-type 150μm silicon wafers 182, 210, and 218.2 are at RMB 2.85 ($0.355) /pc, RMB 3.77 ($0.470) /pc, and RMB 4.07 ($0.507) /pc, respectively. Compared with its previous quote, there is a drop of 25%, 29.5% and 29.5% respectively.
  • N-type 130μm silicon wafers 182 and 210 are at RMB 2.9 ($0.362) /pc and RMB 3.84 ($0.478) /pc, respectively. Compared with its previous quote, there is a drop of 25.06% and 29.5% respectively.
  • N-type 110μm silicon wafers 182 and 210 are RMB 2.79 ($0.347)/pc and RMB 3.69 ($0.459) /pc, respectively. Compared with the previous quote, there is a drop of 25% and 29.45%

Here is what TCL Zhonghuan’s silicon wafer prices looked like in the previous month (see China Solar PV News Snippets). End of June, LONGi Solar, the other top wafer supplier, had announced a price decrease of over 30% to below RMB 3.

Honsun inks sales deal with BAJ Solar: High-tech enterprise with two main businesses of new materials and digital technology, Hunan Huamin Holding Group, announced that its holding subsidiary Honsun has sealed a monocrystalline silicon wafers sales deal with BAJ Solar. As per the deal, Hosun will sell 87 million monocrystalline silicon wafers to BAJ Solar and its related parties from 26 June, 2023 to 20 June, 2024. The contract value is expected to be about RMB 250 million ($34.5 million). Last week, Honsun had made announcements regarding its ingot/wafer production (see China Solar PV News Snippets)

S.C New Energy net profit set to rise in H1/2023: Announcing its semi-annual performance forecast, new energy equipment manufacturer S.C New Energy Technology said that it expects a profit of RMB 736.2 million to RMB 812.4 million ($101.6 million to $112.2 million), an increase of 45% to 60% over the same period of the previous year. The company attributed this growth to good market conditions and ample demand for the company’s products.

AILU to supply PV modules to Suntech: Integrative packaging solution company Shanghai Ailu package CO., Ltd (AILU Group) announced that its holding subsidiary has partnered with Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer Suntech. As per the deal, AILU New Energy will supply Suntech with photovoltaic modules from 1 September, 2023 to August 30, 2026. The company said it will also provide Suntech with decent payment terms, the most favorable product prices within the supplier system, and priority production and delivery plans.

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