China Solar PV News Snippets

Trina to supply Vertex modules to Israel Teralight & More From Risen, Astronergy, Xinshengmei New Energy, NEA

China Solar PV News Snippets

The 150 MW Vertex modules and pioneer tracking modules that Trina will be supplying to Israel Teralight will be used in Ta’anakh photovoltaic facility located in Jazrel Valley. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

Trina to supply modules and trackers to Israel’s Teralight; Risen’s mass-produced HJT cells may touch 3 GW; Astronergy’s Ningxia Yanchi manufacturing fab ready; Construction to begin for Xinshengmei New Energy 2 GW PV module facility; NEA releases PV power generation construction and operation details.

Trina to supply Vertex modules & trackers to Israel Teralight: Over a WeChat communication, Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar said that it has signed a deal with Israel’s photovoltaic power plant developer Teralight to provide 150 MW Vertex modules and tracking systems. These modules and tracking systems will be used in the Ta’anakh photovoltaic facility located in Jazrel Valley in northern Israel. With a total installed capacity of 250 MW, the facility will be built in phases and is expected to be completed by 30 June, 2024. Trina Solar Vertex modules and trackers will be mainly used in the first phase of 150 MW. Trina presented about how to address today’s market demand at the recent TaiyangNews Solar Market Overview 2023 webinar (see presentation here).

Risen expects mass-produced HJT cells to touch 3 GW: Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy said that its mass-produced heterojunction cells may nearly touch 3 GW in 2023, local media reported. The company’s first mass production line of heterojunction has introduced technologies that have been verified and matured on the pilot line. And this includes double-sided microcrystalline technology, thin silicon wafer technology, and low-silver paste technology. The report also said that the average efficiency of Risen’s recently produced 210-size half-cut ultra-thin heterojunction solar cells has reached 25.4%, the yield rate of the production line is at 98.5%, and the output capacity is close to the design limit. By end of 2023,  15 GW heterojunction cells production facilities will be deployed in Jintan and Nanbin factory of Risen.

Astronergy’s Ningxia Yanchi manufacturing fab ready: PV module manufacturer Astreonergy said via WeChat that its Ningxia Yanchi manufacturing facility will be put into use soon. This is the first TOPCon photovoltaic module manufacturing facility in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and also the company’s eighth smart manufacturing facility. The construction began in May 2022 and the first phase of 1 GW TOPcon modules is expected to be completed and put into production by August 2023. Recently, Astronergy had shared news of raising RMB 2 billion (see China Solar PV News Snippets)

Xinshengmei New Energy 2 GW PV module fab to begin construction: New energy technology research and development company Xinshengmei New Energy said via WeChat that it has signed an agreement with Fuping County to begin construction of its 2 GW PV module facility. With an investment of RMB 770 million ($107.6 million), the facility is being built in two phases. Once completed and put into production, the facility is expected to generate an output value of about RMB 4 billion ($0.56 billion). The first phase will focus on infrastructure and equipment purchase, while the second will be for scale-up and new product development. The entire construction is supposed to last for a year.

NEA releases PV power generation construction and operation details: Issuing the Construction and Operation of Photovoltaic Power Generation for the first half of 2023, the National Energy Administration (NEA) of China said:

  • China’s new grid-connected capacity is 78.4 GW. Among them, the centralized type is 37.4 GW, the distributed type is 40.9 GW in total, and the household distributed type is 21.5 GW
  • As of the end of June 2023, the cumulative grid-connected solar capacity was 470 GW, out of which the centralized share contributed 271 GW and the distributed type was 198 GW

Last week, NEA had released national power industry statistics on its website for the period from January to April 2023 (see China Solar PV News Snippets)


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