China Solar PV News Snippets

Tongwei HJT Module Power Sets Record & More From TCL Zhonghuan, GCL Integration, Aiko Solar, Huasun

China Solar PV News Snippets

Front power of Tongwei Solar’s 210-66 HJT module has touched 743.68 W. (Photo Credit: Tongwei)

Tongwei’s 210-66 HJT module record; TCL Zhonghuan released new wafer prices; GCL Integration 20 GW TOPcon cell fab put into operation; Aiko to raise RMB 6 billion for silicon solar cell facility; Huasun produces double-sided microcrystalline 210 HJT cell.

Tongwei HJT module power record: Over a WeChat communication, integrated solar PV manufacturer from China, Tongwei Solar said that the front power of its 210-66 HJT module has touched 743.68 W, and the module efficiency was at 23.94%. Breaking the HJT module power record for the fourth time this year, Tongwei credits its strong technology research and development for this feat. Meanwhile, Tongwei Pengshan facility had produced its first solar cell (see China Solar PV News Snippets). TaiyangNews recently talked to Tongwei CTO Guoqiang Xing about the company’s solar module strategy (see From 14 To 80 GW Solar Module Capacity In About 1 Year).

TCL Zhonghuan silicon wafer prices up: Announcing new silicon wafer prices, leading solar wafer supplier, TCL Zhonghuan, said:

  • P-type 150μm silicon wafers 182 is at RMB 2.95 ($0.368) /pc, an increase of 3.51%; P-type 150μm silicon wafers 210 is at RMB 3.95 ($0.492) /pc, an increase of 4.77%; and P-type 150μm silicon wafers 218.2 is at RMB 4.26 ($0.532) /pc, an increase of 4.67%
  • n-type 130μm silicon wafers 182 is at RMB 3.05 ($0.380) /pc, a rise of 5.17%; and N-type 210 is at RMB 4.03 ($0.502)/pc, a rise of 4.95%
  • n-type 110μm silicon wafers 182 is at RMB 2.93 ($0.365) /pc, a rise of 5.02%; and N-type 210 silicon wafers is at RMB 3.87 ($0.482) /pc, a rise of 4.88%

The last announcement was made in the first week of July (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

GCL Integration 20 GW TOPcon cell fab put into operation: Chinese solar PV cell and module manufacturer GCL Integration said via WeChat that the first phase of its 20 GW high-efficiency n-type TOPcon cell manufacturing facility has been put into operation. Providing high-efficiency cell capacity support for large module bases in Hefei and Funing., this facility is expected to reach production capacity by the fourth quarter of this year.

Aiko Solar to raise RMB 6 billion: Chinese solar cell producer Aiko Solar announced that it will be issuing stock to raise about RMB 6 billion ($0.84 billion) (including the original amount). The funds, after deducting relevant issuance expenses, will be invested in Phase VI of Yiwu 15 GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell facility and will also be used to supplement working capital. Recently, Aiko Solar had issued a forecast for its H1/2023 financials, expecting to report 111% to 135% increase in annual profit (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Huasun’s produces double-sided microcrystalline 210 HJT cell: Over a WeChat communication, Chinese solar panel manufacturer Huasun Energy said that the phase IV of its 3 GW double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction facility has produced the first batch of 210 cells, with the highest conversion efficiency touching 25.58%. Meanwhile, in the Top Modules Listing released by TaiyangNews for July 2023, Huasun is in 5th rank, along with Jolywood (see Top Solar Modules Listing – July 2023).

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