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JinkoSolar To Present At TaiyangNews Conference & More from Tongwei, Hunan Huamin, Sunpure, CGN

China Solar PV News Snippets

To listen to Maple Hu, Production Solutions Manager, JinkoSolar, you can scan the QR code on the image above and register for free. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar).

JinkoSolar at TaiyangNews Conference; JinkoSolar supplies 25 sets of SunGiga ESS to Guangdong; Tongwei reports positive financial results for H1 2023; Huamin subsidiary Honsun signs large order with DAS Solar; SUNPURE strikes PV cleaning robot deal in Saudi Arabia; CGN notifies candidates for 2 tenders.

JinkoSolar to speak at TaiyangNews Conference: At the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Power Plant Developments, Maple Hu, Production Solutions Manager, JinkoSolar, will be throwing light on the topic: Experience with TOPCon in PV Power Plants. The Conference will take place on September 1, 2023 from 9.30 to 13.00 CEST, where industry leaders will discuss the latest technology advancements for PV power plants – from high-efficiency bifacial modules, inverters to trackers. The registrations are for free and you can register by clicking on this link:

JinkoSolar supplies 25 sets of SunGiga C&I ESS to Guangdong: Leading solar PV and ESS solution supplier JinkoSolar announced that it has delivered 25 sets of its liquid cooling C&I energy storage systems to Xiaodong Renewable Energy Co. Ltd., endowing a total capacity of 5.375 MWh, in Dongguan, China’s Guangdong province. Located in 5 industrial parks, the 25 sets of JinkoSolar’s SunGiga liquid cooling storage system (JKS-215KLAA-100PLAA) coupled with renewable energy contribute to grid stability. The company expects its products to play a key role in peak shaving and valley filling In the Guangdong Province. SunGiga C&I ESS is a portfolio with a battery capacity ranging from 200kWh to 2MWh. The solution combines lithium-ion batteries, a power conversion system (PCS), an energy management system (EMS), and a fire suppression system (FSS), streamlining the transportation, installation, and operation and maintenance (O&M).

Tongwei reports income and profit growth for H1 2023, and announces plans to build new capacities: Integrated solar manufacturer Tongwei Group has released its financial results for the 1st half of 2023. During the period, the company’s operating income grew 22.75% year-over-year (YoY) to RMB 74.068 billion ($10.15 billion), while its net profit was up 8.56% YoY to RMB 13.27 billion ($1.82 billion). The company noted that while the PV industry continued to maintain the trend of high growth during H1 2023, it was pressured by a steep decline in prices all along the value chain due to oversupply. Regarding its aquaculture culture business, Tongwei underscored that the segment was generally stable and rising, but its margins were squeezed due to rising raw material prices and sluggish end demand. Tongwei Group has also announced it intends to sign an agreement with People’s Government of Emeishan City, Leshan City to establish facilities for ingot, wafers and cells, each with an installed capacity of 16 GW. With an expected investment of about RMB 10 billion ($1.37 billion), the project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2024, reaching full scale production by the end of 2025.

Huamin subsidiary signs large wafer supply contract with DAS Solar: Hunan Huamin, a holding company, announced that its subsidiary Honsun has signed a framework agreement with DAS Solar for the sale and purchase of wafers. According to the contract, DAS Solar and its associates plan to purchase about 1.36 billion monocrystalline silicon wafers monocrystalline silicon wafers from Honsun from September 2023 to August 2026. The prices will be negotiated by both parties on a monthly basis. The total contract value, referring to the current market price and the purchase quantity agreed, is estimated to be RMB 4.4 billion ($603 million), according to a Chinese media outlet. Recently, Honghui New Energy, a holding subsidiary of Hunan Huamin Holding Group, signed an agreement with Huasun to supply 15 GW of monocrystalline wafers (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

SUNPURE signs order for 348MW PV cleaning robots in Saudi Arabia: SUNPURE TECHNOLOGY, a company that designs and supplies intelligent PV cleaning robots, has entered a contract to supply PV cleaning robots for the Saad PV power plant project in Saudi Arabia with the Egyptian EPC company ELSEWEDY Electric. The project is located in the Saad area east of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia and is part of the Saudi National Renewable Energy Program (NREP). The installed capacity on the DC side of the project is 348 MW, which began construction in January 2023 using JinkoSolar’s panels. Once complete, the average annual power generation is expected to be about 876 million kWh, and the annual CO2 emission reduction exceeds 500,000 tons. To date, SUNPURE’s contracted capacity to supply these cleaning robots in Saudi Arabia is over 4 GW, covering 6 large utility-scale solar power plants.

Candidates for CGN 1 GW solar module tendering: China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) has notified the bidding candidates for 2 tenders of 1 GW solar project each, a part of clean power base in Luopu, Xinjiang. The notification stated that after bid evaluation, the committee identified JA Solar, LONGi and JinkoSolar as the “successful candidates” that meet the quality and duration/delivery conditions for Bid 1 (CGN-202307040022). LONGi’s bid is the lowest at RMB 0.0813/W ($0.011), JA Solar’s bid is the highest at RMB 0.0853/W ($0.012), and JinkoSolar’s bid at RMB 0.821/W was just a little above LONGi’s. LONGi and JA Solar, with the same bid amounts, were also the candidates for Bid 2 (CGN-202307040023). However, JinkoSolar was replaced by Anhui Guosheng New Technology with a bid of RMB 0.0895/W ($0.012), which is the highest among the 2 tenders. 

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