• CPS Energy has launched a RFI round to gather ideas about transforming its generation sources keeping future needs in mind
  • It will be then followed up with a request for proposals round to solicit interest for up to 900 MW solar power, 50 MW battery storage and 500 MW firming solutions to be added to its portfolio
  • These solutions will help its supplement 1.7 GW of aging power generation capacity for the City of San Antonio

Texas, US based municipal electric utility CPS Energy has issued a request for information (RFI) with the intention to explore the addition of renewable energy capacity to its portfolio. Basis the information received, the utility will launch a request for proposal (RFP) round to add up to 900 MW of solar, 50 MW of battery storage and 500 MW of new technology solutions or firming capacity to power the City of San Antonio.

This requirement is covered under what CPS Energy terms a FlexPowerBundle that will supplement 1.7 GW of aging power generation capacity to ‘meet the needs of a growing metropolitan service area’. Through FlexPowerBundle, it wants to implement new power generation and demand-side solutions for the next 2 decades and beyond. All of this falls under the overarching strategic approach it calls Flexible Path.

CPS Energy said it is open to pre-partnered proposals as well and encourages respondents to engage with others to propose more creative and well-thought-out solutions.

“Our CPS Energy team looks forward to joining forces with global energy innovators who are interested in partnering with us on our Flexible Path into the future.  We invite innovative energy and technology providers to participate in this RFI and to provide their ideas on how to transform our generation sources to power our future,” said Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO of CPS Energy.

Interested companies can answer to the RFI by August 31, 2020. Details can be viewed on the utility’s website.