Day 2: TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Conference

TaiyangNews Day 2 Advanced Module Technologies Conference: Higher Module Efficiency & LCOE Advantages Big On Lists Of LONGi Solar, JinkoSolar & Chint/Astronergy; TaiyangNews Launches Advanced Module Technologies 2021 Report

Day 2: TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Conference

In discussion with Michael Schmela of TaiyangNews, JinkoSolar’s Willie Qiu, Chint/Astronergy’s Jack Zhou and LONGi Solar’s Benjamin Wong discussed challenges and strategies for their various solar module customer segments in the face of continued technological advancements. Shravan Chunduri of TaiyangNews launched our latest report on Advanced Solar Modules during the event. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

  • TaiyangNews’ day 2 Advanced Module Technologies Conference saw the launch of our new report on the subject which is now available for free download
  • JinkoSolar said the company is focused on lowering costs while enhancing module efficiency for the future
  • LONGi Solar believes extending module size may put stress on the materials so one needs to be careful of it
  • Chint/Astronergy is ready to offer both 182mm and 210mm sized modules but wants market standardization

After an insightful day 1, TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies for Rooftop & Utility Scale Applications conference was back with another power packed day 2 on January 28, 2021 with representatives from some of the leading solar module producers participating and sharing their product technologies that are designed keeping in mind various end users.
It began with our Head of Technology, Shravan Chunduri launching the TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies 2021 Report and summarizing its main findings. The report defines advanced modules as having at least multi busbar (MBB) and half-cell technology integrated. It covers product developments across 3 main applications—residential, commercial & industrial (C&I) and utility segments and their fusions of residential and C&I, and C&I and utility. According to the report, larger wafer sizes are now increasingly becoming the products of choice for a large number of module manufacturers as they go about addressing application needs of various segments. The report is now available on our website for free download.
Offering a rationale for using large sized modules specifically with 182mm wafer size, JinkoSolar’s Senior Manager of Global Project Management Willie Qiu drove home the point that module efficiency determines costs while module technology used determines power output. He argued that 182mm sized solar modules win in these areas as these help bring down overall EPC and labour costs for installations. Qiu believes that with 182mm size, modules have enough and mature tracker technologies available to enable better power output.
Agreeing on the 182mm format with Qiu was LONGi Solar’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jason Yan who stressed on reliable solar module products in his presentation—with a focus on the company’s bifacial solar module—and said that modules need to be designed carefully since an increase in module size, especially its width, may put stress on materials. “If the module width is increased to 1303mm, the deformation will increase 40%, the frame stress will increase 30%-70%,” stated Yan.     
While most leading manufacturers prefer either 182mm or 210mm sized modules of late, for Chint/Astronergy both the product sizes are important as it moves forward.  During the TaiyangNews conference, Chint/Astronergy’s Product Manager Baohua He shared that by 2024, the group is aiming to report 21 GW of cumulative solar module capacity growing from 5 GW at the end of 2020. All new released capacity after 2020 will be compatible with larger size wafer technology specifying it as 182mm and 210mm. He also said the company will be launching its Astro 6 series solar modules to be launched in 2021 will sport 600W+ power output after introducing 182 mm modules in 2020.
During the executive panel discussion with TaiyangNews Managing Director Michael Schmela, speakers discussed their product ranges and marketing strategies for various customer segments. While offering an insight into the company’s focused product range, LONGi Solar’s Director of Product Marketing Benjamin Wong admitted that for solar manufacturers it is extremely significant to justify the high investments in the PV technology by incorporating learnings from the various strategies implemented to make their products better in line with consumer demand.
However, Product Management and Pre-sale Support Director at Astronergy/Chint, Jack Zhou said that even though various customer segments look for customized solutions in their solar systems, and that his company is eyeing both 182mm and 210mm sizes, he hopes in the future there is standardization of module sizes in the market.
Willie Qiu of JinkoSolar explained that in the near future his company’s focus will be on enhancing product efficiency without changing cell or module size as well as ensuring manufacturing and supplier quality along with focus on internal and external testing to ensure safety and longevity of its products
On the occasion, Schmela announced that TaiyangNews will be back with yet another solar PV technology conference on March 2, 2021 to discuss Bifacial Solar. Book your dates and stay tuned!
On Day 1 of TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies conference discussed advantages and challenges of 210mm sized solar modules (see Day I: TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Conference).

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