JA Solar has launched a new module in its DeepBlue 3.0 series calling it DeepBlue 3.0 Pro. This new generation of high-efficiency module was unveiled by the manufacturer on day 1 of the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai.
The Chinese vertically integrated solar module supplier  touted ‘outstanding advantages’ as higher conversion efficiency, excellent power generation capacity and high reliability for its new offering, helping customers bring down their levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).
JA Solar calls DeepBlue 3.0 an upgrade of its DeepBlue 3.0 module that has the same M10 / 182mm cell formats included, and comes with new-generation gapless encapsulating technology which the company believes is a ‘optimal solution’ to ensure zero micro cracks in cells. The module uses a proprietary interconnection approach using circular ribbons and a so called softening process, while further details are revealed.
It claims power output of the 72-cell configuration reaching 560W, and that of 78-cell going up to 605W while claiming a power conversion efficiency of the module going as high as 21.7%. During the launch, JA Solar stressed that the efficiency of the new-generation gapless encapsulating modules can be improved by 0.4% points compared to regular modules, but the reliability factor is consistent with regular modules.
“From DeepBlue 3.0 in 2020 to DeepBlue 3.0 Pro in 2021, we focus on delivering customer value, exploring ways of achieving lower LCOE, and providing high-efficiency and reliable PV products to the market, to accelerate the adoption of solar energy, and enable carbon neutrality,” said Member of the company board and Executive President of JA Solar, Dr. Xinwei Niu.
In addition to introducing this high tech module based on mainstream PERC cell technology, JA Solar has also introduced modules based on 2 advanced cell architectures – TOPCon and HJT. The first TOPCon module of the company, built in a 78-cell configuration, has a rated power of 620 W and a module efficiency of 22.1%, whereas the 22.4% efficient module is based on 72-cell configuration.
JA Solar introduced its DeepBlue 3.0 module series in May 2020 offering a power rating of 545W with 182mm wafer sized cells, based on P-type monocrystalline PERC platform and gallium doping technology to reduce degradation and improve anti-LID performance. For its DeepBlue 3.0 series, the company had been planning to have a total annual production capacity of 14 GW by the end of 2021 with main focus on 72-cell 540W module.
During the launch at SNEC 2021, JA Solar updated that as of June 2021, global cumulative shipment of DeepBlue 3.0 modules should be about 2.5 GW, and by the end of 2021 it plans to scale up the DeepBlue 3.0 module production capacity to 30 GW.
In March 2021, JA Solar launched its DeepBlue 3.0 Light module series targeted for the distributed generation market with a power output of up to 415W and mass production efficiency of over 21.3% (see China PV News Snippets: JA Solar, Guan Sheng, Jinergy).
While speaking at the TaiyangNews 500W+ Solar Modules Conference in July 2020, JA Solar’s Tao Wang shared his company’s plans to expand its total module capacity to 23 GW by the end of 2021 (see TaiyangNews 500W+ Conference: JA Solar).
JA Solar participated in TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Virtual Conference in May 2021, held as a SNEC Preview, where the company’s Technical Sales Manager Andrew Zhang had shared  plans to launch a 78-cell configuration module at SNEC 2021 (see Day 1: TaiyangNews Very High-Power Solar Modules Conference). Zhang’s presentation during the TaiyangNews event titled JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 (2ith 182mm wafer)—Premium Solution for Best LCOE can be accessed on our YouTube Channel here.