• Dominion Energy has issued a request for information survey to assess interest among non-residential customers for its plans to invest in GW-levels of renewable energy capacity
  • It is seeking inputs from commercial, industrial and government customers for its plans to develop additional 3 GW solar and wind power capacity by 2022
  • This capacity, under development or in operation by 2022, would be enough to serve electricity requirement of 750,000 homes

Virginia, US headquartered electric utility Dominion Energy intends to develop 3 GW of additional solar and wind power capacity under the state’s new Grid Transformation and Security Act (GTSA). Before going ahead with any such thing, it wants to assess interest among commercial, industrial and governmental customers. In this regard, it has launched what it calls a ‘request for information’ (RFI) survey to get inputs from non-residential customers about their interest in renewable energy.

The 3 GW capacity, under development or in operation by 2022, will be developed under the first phase of the transformation plan says Dominion Energy. It will be enough to power 750,000 homes.

According to Dominion Energy’s website, the US utility has 1.2 GW of operational large scale solar power capacity in 9 states.

More than a year back, in May 2017, Dominion Energy had announced its plans to develop 3.2 GW of new solar power capacity by 2032, increasing it to 5.2 GW by 2042. Out of this, it intends to source 990 MW from third party generators in North Carolina and Virginia by 2022 (see US Utility Invites RFP For 300 MW RES).

Beyond Dominion Energy, another US utility is looking to add GW-level volume of renewables. Colorado Xcel Energy announced plans for early retirement of 660 MW of coal fired power plants and add 1.8 GW of renewable capacity (see US Utility To Replace Coal With Renewables).