• Engro Energy Limited in Pakistan is seeking approval from NEPRA for the construction of 4 solar power generating stations
  • These will be developed along main Quetta Chaman Highway in north of Quetta in Kuchlak in Balochistan
  • All 4 projects are proposed to have 50 MW capacity each and individually will cost $36 million
  • EEL plans to use 149,292 solar PV modules with an output of 335-watt each from China’s PhonoSolar or equivalent for every 50 MW plant
  • It expects the entire 200 MW capacity to be commissioned and grid connected by June 2020

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) of Pakistan is considering granting approval to 4 solar power project proposals with 50 MW capacity each to Engro Energy Limited (EEL). The entire 200 MW capacity is proposed to come up along the main Quetta Chaman Highway in north of Quetta at Kulchak in Balochistan region.

The 50 MW DC/45 MW AC projects are called Kuchlak-I, Kuchlak-II, Kuchlak-III and Kuchlak-IV. These will be built for an investment of $36 million each. Around 149,292 solar PV modules with 335 W power ratings from Chinese solar module maker PhonoSolar or equivalent sizes  will be mounted on single axis trackers for each of the 50 MW projects.

EEL will enter into 25-year power purchase agreement with the Central Power Purchasing Agency (Guarantee) Limited for these projects which are expected to be commissioned in June 2020.

Engro Energy Limited (EEL), previously known as Engro Powergen Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan’s diversified business group, Engro Corporation.

In May 2019, NEPRA has received proposals for more than 27 MW solar power projects with one of these –  a 15 MW project – was said to use LONGi Solar’s bifacial solar modules (see Over 27 MW Solar Capacity Seeking NEPRA Approval).