Germany Increases Innovation Tender Tariffs

Bundesnetzagentur Invites Bids For 400 MW Innovative Projects, Capping Tariffs At €0.0918/kWh

Germany Increases Innovation Tender Tariffs

After increasing rooftop and ground mounted solar PV tariffs, Germany has now increased the limit for innovation tenders as well. Pictured is a PV system in a field in Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: penofoto/

  • Germany has launched its innovation tender for 400 MW renewable energy capacity
  • It is open to solar and storage projects along with other technologies as wind, biomass, storage, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants
  • Bidders can offer bids for up to €0.0918/kWh which is the ceiling tariff that Bundesnetzagentur has raised by 25% since the previous round
  • Increase in ceiling tariff is to factor in increased costs for components of the systems

German Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur has opened a new tender for 400 MW innovative projects inviting bids for solar, wind, biomass, storage, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, capping tariffs at €0.0918/kWh which is an increase of 25% over the previous tender.

Increase in ceiling tariffs for this tender is the agency’s reaction to ‘significantly increased costs for the components of the systems’ after having attracted only 1 bid for a solar and storage project in the December 2022 round (see Another Undersubscribed Rooftop Solar Auction In Germany).

“By raising the maximum value for innovative concepts, we are also improving the conditions in this segment so that bidders can obtain adequate bids. We want to use the innovation tenders to better utilize the networks and ensure a more even supply of electricity if renewable energies are expanded in combination with storage,” said Bundesnetzagentur President Klaus Müller.

Previously, the ceiling tariff could only be increased by 10%, but now with the Bundestag expanding its powers the agency has the option of increasing innovation tenders by up to 25%, it added.

For this round of innovation tenders, developers need to decide which 2 technologies they wish to combine and connect to the grid. Solar energy is combined with storage in this tender.

Bids can be submitted till May 2, 2023 since the original date May 1, 2023 falls on a public holiday. Details are available on the agency’s website.  

Germany plans to award 800 MW renewable energy capacity under its innovation tenders in 2023, to be evenly distributed over 2 bid dates.

Previously, it also raised ceiling tariffs of rooftop solar and ground mounted PV tenders to €0.1125/kWh and €0.0737/kWh, respectively (see Germany Caps Ground Mounted PV Tender Tariff At €0.0737/kWh).

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