• Germany’s July 2018 new PV additions added up to 269.65 MW, compared to 154.6 MW installed a year before
  • This makes July the month with the second largest capacity addition during the first seven months of 2018, after record June additions of 342.5 MW
  • Ground mounted solar systems added 45 MW to the total number for July 2018, and 224.64 MW were reported from rooftop solar segment
  • Cumulative solar power capacity of the country as of July 31, 2018 was 44.59 GW

Germany installed 269.65 MW of new PV capacity during the month of July 2018, keeping up the growth momentum the EU’s largest market has witnessed since the beginning of the year. Even though it is 21% less than the 342.5 MW record installed in the previous month, July installations represent the second highest capacity installation numbers for the year (see Very Strong Solar Growth In Germany In H1/2018).

In July 2017, Germany installed 154.6 MW of PV and with that crossed 1 GW of installations in the first seven months of that year (see Germany Crosses 1 GW New PV Capacity In 2017). In comparison, it hit the 1 GW mark in 2018 already in the month of May, when 194 MW was installed (see Germany Adds 194 MW In May 2018).

Around 45 MW or 17% came from ground mounted solar systems in July. Rooftop systems made up 224.646 of the total. According to the Bundesnetzagentur or Federal Network Agency of Germany, 7,630 rooftop systems were registered in the reporting month.

At the end of the first seven months in 2018, Germany had installed 1.63 GW of solar power capacity. Cumulative number at the end of July 31, 2018 was 44.59 GW, with 34 GW added since 2010. If that installation level continues, the country could already cross the 2 GW level in September.

Not only solar but battery storage is popular in Germany as well these days. In August 2018, the country achieved the milestone of commissioning 100,000th battery storage system (see Germany Installs 100,000 Solar Storage Systems).