Global Renewable Power Grew By 295 GW In 2022

IRENA: Wind & Solar Represent 90% New Renewable Energy Capacity Additions In 2022 With Solar PV Alone Representing 191 GW

Global Renewable Power Grew By 295 GW In 2022

IRENA has released its Renewable Capacity Statistics 2023 report to show the growth of clean energy sources in 2022, which were led by solar PV. (Source: IRENA)

  • IRENA’s new report says solar PV led global renewable energy installations with 191 GW capacity installed
  • China led Asia to claim 112 GW of new solar installed in 2022, followed by 17.6 GW in the US
  • Out of 295 GW renewables capacity installed in 2022, wind contributed 75 GW, followed by 21 GW from hydropower, 7.6 GW bioenergy 181 MW geothermal, and 1.23 GW off-grid electricity

In 2022, the annual global renewable energy generation capacity increased by 9.6% or 295 GW with solar PV leading the pack at 191 GW reflecting 22% YoY improvement followed by wind energy adding 75 GW or 9% more annually, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Since concentrated solar power (CSP) added only 125 MW capacity last year, it was solar PV ruled with 191.45 GW. Asia alone represented 112 GW of this total as China contributed over 86 GW and India 13.5 GW. Japan added 4.6 GW among other Asian nations. Elsewhere, the US added 17.6 GW, Brazil 9.9 GW, the Netherlands 7.7 GW and Germany 7.2 GW.

The remaining renewable capacity last year was contributed by hydropower (21 GW), bioenergy (7.6 GW), and geothermal (181 MW).

Off-grid electricity increased 11% YoY to a cumulative 12.4 GW with the addition of 1.237 GW in 2022, as per IRENA report Renewable Capacity Statistics 2023. Solar expanded by 478 MW to reach 5.1 GW total. Cumulative additions in off-grid do not include Eurasia, Europe and North America.

Out of new capacity that came online in 2022, almost 60% or 174.9 GW was located in Asia led by China. Europe accounted for 57.3 GW and North America 29.1 GW. African installations grew by 4.8% to 2.7 GW. Expansion in Australia helped Oceania improve annually by 10.6% to 5.2 GW, and South America too jumped up 7.4% to 18.2 GW.

The Middle East recorded its highest renewable energy expansion on record with 12.8% annual increase, according to authors of the report, with 3.2 GW new capacity commissioned in 2022.

“This continued record growth shows the resilience of renewable energy amidst the lingering energy crisis,” said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera. “The strong business case of renewables coupled with enabling policies has sustained an upward trend of their share in the global energy mix year on year. But annual additions of renewable power capacity must grow three times the current level by 2030, if we want to stay on a pathway limiting global warming to 1.5°C.”

Aggregate renewable energy capacity of the world at the end of 2022 was 3,372 GW comprising 1,250 GW hydropower, followed by 1,053 GW solar and 899 GW wind energy, among others. The report is available for free download on IRENA’s website.

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