Gonvarri Solar Steel’s TrackSmartT+ Solar Trackers

Spanish Tracker Supplier GSS Provides Range Of Solar Trackers With Adaptive Wind Stowing And Bifacial Module Compatibility

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s TrackSmartT+ Solar Trackers

TrackSmarT+ 2V features torque tube gap, helps in maximizing energy production which is designed specially to be compatible with bifacial modules. (Source: Gonvarri Solar Steel)

  • Gonvarri solar Steel offers solar trackers in single and dual row configurations that can be adapted to fit larger module formats
  • TrackSmart+ 2V tracker from GSS accommodates 90 or 120 modules and features a torque tube gap that is compatible with bifacial modules
  • These trackers are certified to IEC and UL standards and come with a 10 year warranty for the structure, 5 years for motor, 2 year for electronics.

Gonvarri Solar Steel is taking part in our TaiyangNews Market Survey on Solar Trackers for the first time. The Spanish company is part of a larger industrial group – Gonvarri Industries, a steel major using more than 5,000 tons of steel with 45 fully owned factories. Counting on its parent’s large network of operations, Gonvarri Solar Steel says that it can cut lead times and price its logistics competitively.

For the survey, Gonvarri Solar Steel has provided data for 3 models of its TrackSmarT+ series. The product range TrackSmarT+ 1V is available in single as well as dual row configurations, while TrackSmarT+ 2V is offered in one row. Both its 1P trackers have very similar specs; they can be installed with 54 or 60 modules over the tracker length of 72 or 80 m, depending on the module size, and have an array height of 1.3 m. The company’s 2P tracker TrackSmarT+ 2V has two different array heights—2.35 m or 2.29 m. This product features a torque tube gap, which is highlighted as the feature compatible with bifacial modules. The tracker accommodates 90 or 120 modules with respective lengths of 53.5 m and 69 m. This tracker has a tracking range of +/- 55°, while it is +/- 60° for the 1P variants.

The rest of the specifications for all its products are the same. The modules are either riveted or bolted on to the trackers and have a GCR of 30%. The products are fully adaptable to larger module formats. All the products support string voltage of 1,000 V or 1,500 V, and are driven by slew drive powered by a 24 V DC brushed motor. The company says that its products are equipped with adaptive wind stowing to hold extreme weather conditions like wind, snow and storm, but has not provided specifics of stowing in such instances. The trackers are built with hot-dip galvanized steel and pre-galvanized steel. In order to protect the devices from extreme conditions and protection from corrosion, a Magnelis coating is applied. Gonvarri trackers are certified to IEC and UL standards and come with a 10-year warranty for the structure, 5 years for motor and 2 years for electronics and extended support for up to 35 years.

The text is of product description part from TaiyangNews 2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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