• Netherlands has awarded subsidy under SDE+ incentive scheme for renewable energy projects for a 147 MW solar park
  • Solarfields will be constructing the project in Dronten municipality of Flevoland province from 2021
  • The Dorton Mees Solar Park will be set up on 85.5 hectares on part of Dorton
    Mees golf course

Dutch renewable energy company Solarfields has claimed government subsidy for its 147 MW solar power project in the Netherlands under the Dutch government’s Sustainable Energy Production Incentive Scheme (SDE+). It claims this will be the largest PV park in the country so far.

The 147 MW Dorhout Mees Solar Park in Dronten municipality of Flevoland province will be set up on 85.5-hectare space on parts of the golf course of the same name. According to Solarfields, it was contacted by Dorhout Mees company to ascertain if a solar park can be built to utilize the available space citing a drop in income from an aging population of golf lovers who do not use the facilities as much as in the past. Solarfields expects to start construction on site in 2021.

“In addition to the Dorhout Mees solar park, Solarfields has also received a positive message regarding five other projects. These projects, including Haardijk and Roode Haan, will be distributed throughout the Netherlands,” said Solarfields. “This means that the producer of renewable energy can work towards financing for more than 250 MW of solar projects. If all this goes well, the construction of the projects can start at the end of this year.”

Under the SDE+Spring 2019 Budget shelled out by the country’s enterprise agency RVO, of the €3.9 billion allocated to renewable energy generation sources, solar PV secured a 65% share of €2.87 billion (see Maximum Subsidy under SDE+Spring 2019 Round For Solar).