Green Industrial Zone In Ukraine

Bucha May Host Solar, Wind & Storage Powered Green Hydrogen-Ammonia Cluster

Green Industrial Zone In Ukraine

Ukraine’s Bucha is planned to develop a Green Industrial Zone powered by solar and wind energy projects. (Source: Hynfra)

  • Hynfra and Tsubame plan to build a Green Industrial Zone in Ukraine’s City of Bucha
  • It will cover 3,000 hectares of land to host solar and wind energy projects along with facilities to produce and store green hydrogen, green ammonia
  • UTEM of Ukraine will develop and construct the zone while Bucha will provide land for the same
  • Electricity generated will be used for local consumption and green hydrogen and ammonia for electricity, fuel and fertilizers

Poland based hydrogen technology company Hynfra and Japan’s ammonia production specialist Tsubame BHB Corporation have announced a partnership with Ukrainian energy company UTEM to build a solar and wind energy powered green hydrogen and ammonia cluster in war-ravaged Ukraine’s Bucha city to ensure energy independence.

Right now the partners are preparing project objectives which will be followed by a feasibility study, according to the letters of intent signed.

While the individual capacity of the renewable energy sources uses is not disclosed, the partners plant to site the Green Industrial Zone to cover 3,000 hectares land to produce green hydrogen, green ammonia and also build ammonia and oxygen storage facilities here.

Green hydrogen and ammonia produced here will be used for electricity, fuel and fertilizers. Electricity produced will be used for local consumption.

Roles of all the partners is cut out for the project. The City of Bucha will provide land, Hynfra will prepare the concept and design, Tsubame will provide its technology for building safe green ammonia energy storage facilities and UTEM will be responsible for development and construction of the green zone.

“We stimulate economic development as part of green reindustrialization, which Ukraine needs badly for recovery,” said Hynfra CEO Tomoho Umeda. “However, another key aspect of this project is security and resilience of the city’s energy, heating and fuel systems in the face of terrorist practices of the Russian Federation.”

Hynfra said the Bucha project is being developed on a model similar to its project in the Polish town of Sanok which along with local government it wants to turn into the 1st hydrogen city in Poland.

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