• Hanergy has reported 25.11% power conversion efficiency for its SHJ technology
  • It was able to achieve this efficiency level on a surface area of 45 cm²; ISFH of Germany has certified the same
  • This efficiency level is ahead of its previous record of 24.85% it announced in August 2019

Thin film solar PV technology company Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group Limited has exceeded its previous record power conversion efficiency level of 24.85% for silicon heterojunction (SHJ) technology, this time achieving 25.11% efficiency over a surface area of 244.45 cm²(see 24.85% Efficiency For Hanergy HJT Cell). The measurement was checked by Germany’s  Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH) .

For its SHJ technology, Hanergy uses low-cost ITO transparent conductive films, and easy-to-purchase screen printed electrodes that helps reduce cost of mass production. The 25.11% efficiency level was achieved by Hanergy’s Chengdu Research & Development Center. It was able to break its previous 6-inch silicon cell world record of 24.85% by using low-cost, highly efficient, fully localized production equipment and a production process that can be directly adapted for mass production, claims Hanergy. However, typical HJT cells in mass production today have close to 24% (for background on HJT, see TaiyangNewsNews Heterojunction Solar Technoloy 2019 report)

The company claims this technology has uses for a number of different installations as ground mounted solar power plants, distributed power plants, vertical, agrovoltaic, mobile energy projects and the like.

“Despite only 3 years developing SHJ technology, this recent breakthrough shows that our Hetero-Junction division continues to make great progress and that the field of SHJ holds great significance to our business in the large-scale photovoltaic ground power station and distributed rooftop markets,” said Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Vice President and Hetero-Junction Division CEO, Xu Xiaohua.