Heterojunction Solar Technology Report 2023

Latest TaiyangNews HJT Report Edition Shows Progress Across The Board As Stakeholders Work Hard On Cost Reduction

Heterojunction Solar Technology Report 2023

The heterojunction segment has just seen something groundbreaking: LONGi has broken the efficiency world record Kaneka had held for 5 long years and has created history in the process. At 26.81%, the efficiency figure achieved in Nov. 2022 is the highest reported so far for a crystalline silicon solar cell with an HJT-only cell structure. Notwithstanding HJT’s potential that has become evident here, its relevance is insignificant from a commercialization standpoint.

However, the segment has seen several developments in the areas of optimization of device structure, process flow, and cost reduction that are very much relevant to real-time production.

We last published an edition of TaiyangNews Report on Heterojunction Technology in August 2022, but some of the developments that have taken place since are quite noteworthy. To reflect these developments, a few of which were also presented on Day 2 of TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies, we are now publishing a concise version of our HJT report series.

The 2023 edition provides brief updates on the different manufacturing steps – HJT Cell Processing, Module Assembly and Total Line Solutions; an overview on HJT Cell and Module Device Performance improvements; news on Capacities; and Costs (see report structure below).

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Shravan Chunduri

Shravan Chunduri is Head of Technology at TaiyangNews. Shravan caught the solar bug vey early in this career, starting 20 years ago in research, followed by solar manufacturing, then writing and consulting. His responsibility spans from writing technology articles and reports.

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