High Efficiency Cell Production Equipment From China And Korea

While LAPLACE Is Promoting Latest TOPCOn Equipment, Jusung Is Offering HJT Processing Tools

High Efficiency Cell Production Equipment From China And Korea

Equipment for HJT: Jusung from Korea is offering production equipment as well as turnkey solutions for HJT processing. (Source: Jusung Engineering)

  • LAPLACE provides turnkey solutions for TOPCon, IBC, TBC and other passivated contact solar cells  
  • LAPLACE was the first company to deploy gaseous BCI3 that apply sophisticated horizontal wafer placement which are compatible for thin wafers 
  • Jusung Energy from south korea provides process technology and turnkey solutions for HJT, company’s  PECVD equipment can handle 4,000 M6 wafers per hour

LAPLACE has recently released TOPCon core equipment and solutions as the global photovoltaic sector is experiencing increasing activity with n-type technology developments.  

LAPLACE, an experienced provider of production equipment and process solutions for TOPCon and passivated contact cells from China, has been among the first in the industry to develop TOPCon test lines, mass production lines, and equipment solutions with leading Chinese cell manufacturers.  

The key products of the company are currently focused on thermal processes such as diffusion, oxidation, and annealing, coating (PECVD, LPCVD, and ALD), and corresponding automation supporting solution. LAPLACE offers turnkey solutions for TOPCon, IBC, TBC, and other passivated contact solar cells. The company is offering a wide range of solutions, including key process equipment, automation, inline inspection, and AGV systems. The scope of supply can also be extended to integration with wafer tracking, MES, equipment maintenance management, process auto-tuning, and troubleshooting platforms. 

LAPLACE was the first Chinese company to successfully deploy gaseous BCl3 to allow mass production of n-type solar cells employing sophisticated horizontal wafer placement that is suitable for ultra-thin silicon wafers. It was also the first to produce the highest loading capacity LPCVD. Since 2019, the LAPLACE team has worked with customers to achieve world-record cell efficiencies at both a lab scale and mass production scale. The year 2022 commemorates the 6th year of the company’s inception as well as its official entry into the international market. 

Jusung Engineering of South Korea, which has a long history of developing vacuum deposition tools, has also developed critical instruments for HJT processing. In addition to providing important processing technologies for HJT manufacturing, such as PECVD and PVD, the company also provides a turnkey solution for HJT.  

The company’s PECVD equipment, the most crucial in the HJT cell production line, can handle the deposition of doped and intrinsic amorphous layers on 4,000 M6 wafers per hour. The company also displayed a few cells and a modules made with its technology. 

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here. 

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