• Iberdrola has submitted a proposal to the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition to develop a 590 MW solar power plant in the country
  • It calls the €300 million ($337 million) project with 590 MW capacity as the ‘largest’ solar power plant in all of Europe if it comes through
  • Iberdrola plans to deploy it in the Cáceres province between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesa and Aldeacentenera
  • If the approvals are all in place and project construction starts on time, the company expects 2022 as the commissioning timeline for the 590 MW plant

Spanish utility Iberdrola is working on what could be the largest solar power plant in  Europe. It is currently seeking approval for the 590 MW project from the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition. The management said the project will be installed with an investment of €300 million ($337 million).

Currently, Iberdrola is constructing the 500 MW DC/391 MW AC Núñez De Balboa solar power plant in Spain’s Usagre region in Badajoz, which it calls the largest PV project under construction in Spain and Europe and also its largest project.  Iberdrola has managed to secure 3 power purchase agreements for this project (see Iberdrola Breaks Ground On 500 MW PV Project).

The 590 MW solar plant, called Francisco Pizarro, named after the Spanish conqueror of the same name, will be located on 1,300-hectare land between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesa and Aldeacentenera in the province of Cáceres. If all goes according to the plan, the project will be commissioned in 2022 when it is expected to generate enough solar power to satiate electricity requirements of 375,000 people annually.

Bloomberg notes power generated by the 590 MW plant will be fed into the grid through a line that has been used by the Almaraz nuclear plant so far. As of now, the company plans to finance the project from its own coffers. Iberdrola currently has 7 solar projects either under construction or awaiting government approval in Spain with a combined capacity of 1,178 MW.