India PV News Snippets: SECI, Shree Cement, Amp, REIL

Mercom Says SECI’s Manufacturing Linked Auctioned PV Capacity Tariffs Lowered; Shree Cement To Install 106 MW Solar For Captive Consumption; Amp Energy India Commissions 2.4 MW Solar Project For Pondicherry University; REIL Launches Tenders To Procure Solar Modules & Toughened Glass

India PV News Snippets: SECI, Shree Cement, Amp, REIL

India's largest PV power project, 2.4 MW solar power capacity distributed over various systems at Pondicherry University (in the picture), energized by Amp Energy India, will be able to cover about 40% of its energy needs. (Photo Credit: Amp Energy India)

  • SECI has managed to lower tariffs discovered for manufacturing-linked solar projects to INR 2.54 per kWh, according to Mercom India Research
  • Shree Cement will set up 106 MW solar power capacity at its various cement plants to meet electricity requirement
  • Amp Energy India says it has commissioned one of the largest solar power plants for a Central University in India with 2.4 MW capacity
  • REIL has launched 2 separate tenders to procure solar modules and toughened glass

Manufacturing-linked solar tariffs lowered: According to Mercom India Research, the Solar Energy Corporation of India has got the 2 winners of its manufacturing-linked solar auction, Azure Power and Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), to lower the winning tariff of INR 2.92 per kWh to INR 2.54 per kWh (see Azure Power Wins SECI’s Manufacturing Linked Tender). SECI had been finding it difficult to arrange for discoms as offtakers, and now it has confirmed to Mercom that successful developers agreed to lower the tariff. Once the power sale agreements (PSA) are in place, it will sign power purchase agreements (PPA) with the 2 winners.

106 MW solar for Shree Cement: One of India’s largest cement manufacturer Shree Cement Ltd. has received a green signal from its board for the establishment of 106 MW of solar power plant capacity to meet the captive requirement of some of its cement plants in India. This capacity will be brought online by September 2022 for an investment worth INR 5 billion ($68 million). Management said solar power will maximize the use of clean energy in its operations and help it reduce fossil fuel consumption, thereby lowering its carbon footprint.

2.4 MW solar for Pondicherry University: Pondicherry University has become host to a 2.4 MW solar power plant at its premises as one of the largest solar power plants for Central University in the country, according to Amp Energy India that commissioned it. Inaugurated by the country’s Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu recently, it has solar panels installed over 15 buildings, 2 car parks and 2 land parcels within the campus. Power produced by the panels, contracted under a PPA between Amp Energy and the university, is expected to meet close to 40% of the university’s energy requirement. Amp Energy said the project is part of the 97.5 MW rooftop solar scheme of SECI.

REIL wants mono PERC solar modules and toughened glass: Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited (REIL) has launched a tender to source 7,000 solar modules made of 72 monocrystalline silicon/mono PERC solar cells. Minimum power output of each module should be 380W with more than 18% efficiency. These should have a rugged design to withstand tough environmental conditions and high wind speeds of a minimum of up to 130 km/h. Modules should come only from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s (MNRE) Approved List of Modules and Manufacturers (ALMM). Launched on September 15, 2021, the tender mentions last date of submission as September 22, 2021. Details are available on the government’s e-procurement website with tender no. REIL/MM/21-22/IND/E-PROC./21099.

REIL has launched a separate tender for a rate contract for the supply of 5,000 sqm. UV stabilized and self-primed ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) toughened glass for encapsulation of PV cells in the manufacture of PV modules, from approved vendors. The toughened glass of less than 1 sqm. should be fully tempered with a thickness of 3.2 mm+/-0.2mm. Solar transmittance should not be less than 91% when measured in actual sun light by placing the glass plate perpendicular to the sun’s rays through an air mass of 1.5. Applicable ASTM standard C 1036- 91 or its equivalent. Last date for this one remains the same as September 22, 2021, according to tender announcement under tender no. REIL/MM/21-22/IND/E-PROC./21098.

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