• SATBA says Iran’s aggregate installed renewable energy capacity till the end of April 2020 was 823 MW
  • With 362.12 MW, solar was the biggest contributor having added this capacity in the form of 63 power plants
  • Till the reporting period, Iran had 513 MW of renewable energy projects under construction

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), under the Ministry of Energy in Iran, says till the end of April 2020 the cumulative renewable energy and energy efficiency capacity of the country reached 823 MW in the form of 131 power plants. All of this clean power is generating 4,658 million kWh.

Solar power capacity of 362.12 MW forms the largest chunk of this 823 MW with a 44% share through 63 solar power plants. Nonetheless, it reflects a growth of a little over 20 MW from a year back. Till July 2019, Iran’s cumulative solar power capacity was 342 MW, as per SATBA data available then (see 342 MW: Iran’s Total Solar Capacity Till July 2019).

Among other renewable sources of energy, wind power capacity comes next with 279.82 MW of the cumulative with a 34% share, followed by small hydro plants with 98.76 MW, waste heat and turbo contributing 16.46 MW and biomass another 8.23 MW.

Iran says it has another 513 MW of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects under construction.