Isle Of Man Targets Decarbonized Electricity Supply By 2030

Isle Of Man Approves Plan To Add 30 MW Onshore Wind & Solar Energy Capacity To Grid As It Targets Carbon Neutrality By 2030

Isle Of Man Targets Decarbonized Electricity Supply By 2030

Manx Utilities was tasked with deploying 20 MW renewable energy capacity in the Isle of Man by 2026, but it proposed an improved target of 30 MW instead which has now been approved. Pictured is Douglas Lighthouse on the Isle of Man. (Photo Credit: tr3gin/

  • Isle of Man Council of Ministers has approved Manx Utilities proposal to build 30 MW renewable energy capacity for the grid
  • It is targeted to be realized by 2026 in the form of onshore wind and solar energy facilities
  • The island wants to become carbon neutral by 2030, and achieve net zero by 2050

The Council of Ministers of the self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man has green signaled its Manx Utilities to start construction of 30 MW of onshore wind and solar energy projects by 2026 to accelerate efforts towards achieving the 2050 target of net zero.

Electricity generation from fossil fuels is the single largest source of carbon emissions on the island, according for 35% of the region’s annual total. It was initially aiming for a minimum 20 MW renewable energy on the island by 2026. Now Manx Utilities has secured a go-ahead to its improved plan of 30 MW by 2026.

In August 2020, it had launched a tender for 20 MW renewable energy capacity with storage to be installed on the island (see Isle Of Man Launches 20 MW Renewable Energy Tender).

By 2030, the Isle of Man targets its entire electricity supply to become carbon neutral, bring down its carbon emissions by 35%, 45% reduction by 2035 and eventually net zero by 2050, under its Climate Change Action Plan.

According to the government “The conflict in Ukraine has contributed to the price of gas reaching record highs, which has put pressure on energy bills for everyone. Many countries have been working to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, but this has become more urgent with the economic crisis.”

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