Israel Highway To Be Solarized With PV & Storage Systems

130 MW PV & 240 MWh Storage Contract For Shikun & Binui Energy To Help Expand Renewable Energy

Israel Highway To Be Solarized With PV & Storage Systems

Israel’s Highway 6 (in the picture) is set to be solarized by Shikun & Binui Energy. (Photo Credit: Mapic Aerials/

  • Shikun & Binui Energy wins tender for the installation of solar and storage on Highway 6 in Israel 
  • It will entail up to 130 MW of solar PV and 240 MWh of storage capacity at 6 interchanges 
  • The installer expects this capacity to generate annual revenues of NIS 60 million to 70 million once it is online 

The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and the Ministry of Finance in Israel have awarded Shikun & Binui Energy the contract to install solar and storage systems to produce green electricity on Route 6. They call this the first plan of its kind to promote green transportation. 

Shikun & Binui says it will construct 100 MW to 130 MW of solar and 180 MWh to 240 MWh of energy storage capacity at 6 interchanges along Highway 6 (Cross-Israel Highway). It will also grid-connect, and operate and maintain the facilities. 

Expected to cost half a billion shekels or $150 million, the projects will enter construction in Q1/2025, which will last a period of 6 to 12 months. On completion, these are estimated to yield annual revenues of NIS 60 million to 70 million ($16 million to $18 million), and EBITDA of NIS 40 million to 50 million ($11 million to $13 million). 

The Transportation Ministry says solar and storage capacity planned for Route 6 is aimed at helping reduce the use of expensive and polluting fossil fuels and reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil.  

In the coming years we have set ourselves the goal of transferring all of Israel’s bus fleet to electric propulsion, and complete the electrification project of all Israel’s railway lines. Renewable energy is the future – and the Ministry of Transportation is already there,” said the Director General of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety, Moshe Ben Zaken.  

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