JA Solar Announces RMB 40 Billion Investment For New Fab

JA Solar To Build New Solar PV Manufacturing Cluster With Polysilicon, Ingot, Wafer & Module Capacity In China’s Inner Mongolia

JA Solar Announces RMB 40 Billion Investment For New Fab

JA Solar’s solar PV capacity expansion plans include a vertically integrated PV complex in Inner Mongolia. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

  • JA Solar has announced an agreement with Ordos government in Inner Mongolia for RMB 40 billion investment
  • It plans to build a new manufacturing cluster to produce 100,000 tons to 150,000 tons polysilicon
  • Proposal includes 20 GW silicon ingot, 20 GW wafer and 30 GW solar cell manufacturing capacity

Chinese solar panel manufacturer JA Solar Technology says it will invest RMB 40 billion to build a vertically integrated solar PV production facility, from 150,000 ton to 100,000 ton polysilicon going up to 10 GW solar module capacity, in China’s Inner Mongolia.

The plans also include setting up production for 20 GW silicon ingot, 20 GW wafer, and 30 GW solar cell manufacturing capacity. The new fab is planned to be sited in Ordos city. It will also host an R&D center for the entire industrial chain, and a facility for intelligent manufacturing. JA Solar said it plans to build a low carbon supply chain here by making use of the region’s renewable energy generation resources.

The strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ordos Municipal Government is aligned with JA Solar’s strategic future needs. Management stated that this vertically integrated production capacity will enhance the company’s core competitiveness and enable it to meet global demand.

JA Solar did not reveal any more details of the proposed investment that comes close on the heels of the Chinese firm announcing plans to develop 2 GW module manufacturing capacity in the US (see JA Solar Takes US Solar Module Manufacturing Steps).

In June 2021, JA Solar and JinkoSolar announced plans to invest RMB 630 million in Xinte Energy’s 100,000 tons polysilicon project in Inner Mongolia that was scheduled to enter operations by June 2023 (see JA & Jinko To Invest In Xinte Subsidiary).

The company’s Director of Product Technology Kun Tang is participating in TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations 2023 Looking Back and Forth on January 31, 2023. Registrations to the event are free and can be done here.

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