• Vivint Solar has appointed Jeremy Sabin as the company’s vice president of human capital
  • Sabin has been elevated into the senior management profile from being a director of human capital
  • In his new role, Sabin will be in charge of cultural strategy and overseeing HR operations that includes talent acquisition, compensation, training and development, benefits and equity administration

US residential solar service provider Vivint Solar has promoted its Director of Human Capital, Jeremy Sabin to vice president of human capital. In his new role, Sabin will work in the senior management role. He will also lead cultural strategy and oversee HR operations.

Talent acquisition, compensation, training and development, benefits and equity administration will be his core areas of work.

Vivint Solar has close to 4,000 employees now, which has been a steady but fast increase from 800 in 2014. Sabin will use over 15 years of his experience to oversee the US company’s human capital team.

The management credits Sabin with implementing key processes and compliance measures before the company launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Before joining Vivint Solar in 2014, Sabin worked with the Sun Products/Henkel Corporation and before that with Intel-Micron Flash technologies.

We’re delighted to welcome Jeremy to our management team,” said Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater. “At Vivint Solar, human capital is a true business partner, and Jeremy’s leadership has played a pivotal role in cultivating this relationship. We look forward to working together to continue aligning human capital to our strategic business initiatives.”

Recently, Vivint Solar hired Miranda Barnard from Sorenson Media as its vice president marketing (see Vivint Solar Hires VP Marketing).