Joint Development Effort For Quantum Dot Tech

UBiQD & First Solar Announce Collaboration For Quantum Dot In Advanced Solar Modules

Joint Development Effort For Quantum Dot Tech

First Solar says it wants to explore potential use of quantum dots in optimizing the absorption of light with UBiQD. (Photo Credit: First Solar, Inc.)

  • UBiQD has joined hands with First Solar to explore use of quantum dot for solar modules  
  • They plan to engineer quantum dot technology for use in utility-scale solar to improve efficiency of end products  
  • UBiQD says the joint development agreement follows exploratory work by the duo for over a year 

US based advanced materials company UBiQD and solar module manufacturer First Solar plan to collaborate on incorporating fluorescent quantum dot technology in advanced solar modules.  

The duo had been conducting exploratory work for over a year. Having seen some promising initial results, the duo has now signed a joint development agreement to explore the potential of this technology.  

UBiQD describes quantum dots as semiconductor nanoparticles with high efficiency photoluminescence that help optimize light spectra. It has been developing products using the same (see Quantum Dot Solar Tech Goes Commercial).  

The company says it is now engineering these materials for use in utility scale solar to help improve efficiency of current PV technologies.   

“If successful, this application in solar modules will be a perfect example of the broad applicability of our core technology,” said UbiQD CEO, Hunter McDaniel. “With emerging applications in food and energy, these novel nanomaterials are proving to be a key tool in humanity’s urgent response to climate change and further sustainable economic development.”     

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar technology company First Solar is exploring the expansion of its PV technology with next-generation tandem devices, acquiring Evolar of Sweden in the process (see US Solar Panel Maker Expands To Europe For Next Gen Tech).  

First Solar’s Chief Technology Officer Markus Gloeckler explained, “We are interested in the potential use of quantum dots in optimizing the absorption of light and look forward to continuing our work with UbiQD on exploring this possibility.” 

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