Leading Global Inverter Manufacturer’s PCS Certified To UL1741

Sineng Electric’s 2MW EH-Series PCS Certified For North American Market

Leading Global Inverter Manufacturer’s PCS Certified To UL1741

  • Sineng Electric got UL1741 certificate for their 2MW PCS.
  • This certification makes Sineng Electric’s presence in USA stronger.
  • Last year Sineng Electric got UL certificate for their 200kW string inverter.

Sineng Electric Co. Ltd, a leading global supplier of energy storage inverters for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications, with four R&D centers, three manufacturing facilities, and 40GW annual production capacity, recently got North America’s UL1741 certification for their 2MW EH-series power conversion system (PCS). The EH-series PCS includes EH-2000-HA-UD-US and EH-1725-HA-UD-US models.

According to Sineng Electric, the high capacity EH-series PCS is compatible with North America’s stringent grid code. High maximum system voltage (1.5kV), 98.5% conversion efficiency, and compatibility with mainstream high-capacity battery cells, help its EH-series PCS achieve most competitive levelized cost of storage (LCOS). EH-series PCS’s TYPE 3R enclosure and modular design enhance its field performances in various harsh environmental conditions with optimized operation and maintenance process, simpler repairing and high system uptime.

This recent UL1741 certification again demonstrate Sineng Electric’s commitment in stable and innovative services for North American market. Also last year, Sineng Electric got UL certification for  their 200kW string inverters.


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