Made In Germany Solar Panel With 400 W Output

Fraunhofer ISE & Heckert Solar Create New Solar Production Line Under BMWK Backed Project

Made In Germany Solar Panel With 400 W Output

The new M12 large format module created by German partners (in the picture) is part of a BMWK funded project. (Photo Credit: Heckert Solar)

  • Fraunhofer ISE, Heckert Solar & teamtechnik have announced the creation of a brand new production line in Germany  
  • It is equipped to produce solar modules based on M12 half cells with 400 W output and 20.5% efficiency  
  • teamtechnik created a new stringer to process large cells since these couldn’t be processed in standard European production lines  

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems and Heckert Solar GmbH have developed a new solar PV module based on M12 half cells as a prototype and an output of 400 W, as part of their efforts to create competitive modules Made in Germany.  

In the process, they have created a completely new production line at Heckert’s Chemnitz manufacturing site that was expanded and modernized to accommodate it  

The prototype modules with 20.5% efficiency were conceptualized, pre-developed and produced by Fraunhofer ISE. The larger M12 cells help increase the module efficiency, but these couldn’t be processed in standard European production lines, leading to teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH creating a new stringer altogether.  

The new stringer to connect the new, larger solar cell formats enables the use of 12 busbars for the modules with a special arrangement of the cells in a cross-string design.  

The further development of stringers for interconnecting solar cells with more than six busbars, as well as the wire interconnection of solar cells in M12 format, were a milestone for us and contribute to ensuring that European PV production systems remain connectable,” stated Project manager at teamtechnik, Thomas Fischer.  

Fraunhofer ISE’s Project Manager Dr. Christian Reichel said, “The resulting reduced mechanical load on the solar cells and cell connector transitions reduces the risk of breakage of the solar cells.” 

The new flexible stringer for various cell formats, and with an option for flat wire and round wire connection is now part of the Chemnitz production, according to the German PV research and development organization. Heckert says it uses only green electricity from its own modules to produce its modules on site thus rolling out products with low carbon footprint.  

Heckert said the company is working on converting its supply chains even more to European module components and the shortest possible transport routes. 

The project has been developed under the research project KoMoGer funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK).  

Heckert, along with Wattkraft and Interfloat, has applied for the 10 GW German solar manufacturing tender to establish vertically integrated production in the country. Under these plans, it will expand its Langenwetzendorf, Thuringia located fab from the current 400 MW/year module production capacity to 2.8 GW/year (see Solar Manufacturing Consortium In Germany).  

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